Sept 16th DC protest supported by Trump

So Trump seems be to be supporting the Justice for J6 (January 6th Rioters) protest on Sept 16?
Forgive me I thought the right was under the impression January 6th was Antifa or FBI agitators why would Trump, Marjorie Green Taylor, Matt Gaetz and others of the faithful be calling for justice to the locked up rioters?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1438562063916355592|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

What I am really asking is who is responsible for January 6th? And why is Trump now wanting to help those locked up?

You’re forgiven, obviously you live in the fake news bubble.

The Antifa folks and the FBI informants were immediately released, most notably, Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys. Hundreds kept in solitary confinement, no gun charges, no insurrection charges, just misdemeanor trespassing. The first insurrection in world history where all of the insurrectionists own firearms but nobody thought to bring them along.

One fatality, unarmed Navy veteran murdered in cold blood by a trigger happy cop. Did you see the MAGA terrorists burning and looting our cities in response?

Let’s get real.

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It’s my understanding he was an informant before joining the proud boys as he rolled over on a lot of folk in Florida. Proud Boys has crappy opsec. He was stopped as a matter of national security from even attending as they seized their asset (Enrique) to stop him from further implication which means he’s not a disposable asset you have to wonder what else he knows. I’m sure the FEDS knew this was coming and failed to secure the capitol to maximize the damage to further the Dept of Homeland Fundings for funding against BOTH SIDES (antifa - patriot prayer)

Very few did but I think many of them knew what awaited in Regards to how DC treats gun owners if they did. These people weren’t stupid just lied to. Note I never called this an Insurrection. An actual insurrection against the United States would require military coordination.

Even Bill Maher said Babbit was a Tragedy. She had been lied to by the system her whole life had a lot of medical debt, being lied to by both parties, she’s actually a lot like me desperate and facing bankruptcy…

You’re damn right the system is broken but it’s both Parties.

I’ve hope I’ve made this very real. You have to know some of your people were there by choice, and that was stupid. The DHS is neither left or right they’ll take anybody they can throw in a prison and work for free.