Sequestration Watch - DAY 1


This is day 1 of sequestration. Given the head community organizer’s dire predictions concerning the end to life as we have known it if sequestration were to actually come to pass, I thought it would be a good idea to begin a daily sequestration watch. You know, a place where each of us can come to report on the collapse of our city/township, the closing of our fire stations, hospitals, police departments, schools, etc. and to read how those of us that frequent this site are managing to survive.

I guess I should go first. I just came back from a walk along the shore of a lake I live on near Dallas. Saw a game warden talking to some fishermen. The marina where I buy gas for my boat is still pumping gas. Off in the distance I could see the local high school parking lot - it appeared full. And, on top of that, the sky has not yet fallen - oh, but it was overcast and a bit chilly. I just attributed that to the time of year and global warming - or, is it climate change? Silly me.

How is everyone else holding up under the INTENSE pressure brought on by the near imperceptable reduction in the spending INCREASE we are being asked to endure??

Taking a line from Barrack’s idol, FDR - Me thinks the only thing we have to fear is Barrack himself!!


Well I just got a pizza I ordered. My sibling is still in school. Oh and i am still scheduled to go to work tomorrow for the state. :bored:


Whew, Seravee, that’s good news!! What a relief!! I would recommend, however, that you call ahead tomorrow before leaving for work - you know, just to make sure your state hasn’t shut down.


We live in the same state. Just PM me if something happens.


Will do!! LMAO


Better get carrier pigeons guys. You know the internet and cell towers all blow up at midnight due to lack of maintenance.


I haven’t noticed anything except my internet is slower…OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


I just got a carload of groceries today.


Uh Oh. Sounds like Cam’s internet is down. That’s what he gets for living in a blue state. I would gladly send my friend, Cam, a carrier pigeon as suggested by Perkins, but we don’t allow pigeons in Texas - has to do with pigeon droppings and cowboy hats. Thanks for reporting in, Susanna. Glad to read that stores still have groceries on the shelves. I suppose that means farmers are still farming, butchers are still butchering and delivery folks are still delivering. Will wonders never cease??


I’m waiting on a passenger pigeon Doc!
No kidding!!

“**We arranged for grad student Ben Novak to intern at George Church’s bioengineering lab at Harvard to refine his sequence data of ancient DNA from three passenger pigeon specimens; to begin work on sequencing the band-tailed pigeon (the closest living relative of the passenger pigeon); and to sequence DNA from the mourning dove—a possible hybridizing species with the passenger pigeon. The work will provide necessary foundations for reviving the passenger pigeon **and for ecological research important to restoring the species to its native habitat. In the spring of 2013 he joins Beth Shapiro’s ancient-DNA group at UC Santa Cruz.” Revive & Restore | Extinct species back to life (scroll down a bit for the story!)

Welcome to the brave new world of de-extinction.


Jurassic Park, anyone?? Thanks for the link, Cam. OUTSTANDING!! What exciting work!!


First the passenger pigeon…then Reagan!! :banana:


We can sit here, at our keyboards and make light of a very stupid situation, but the reality is Obama has been using this literally to throw fear into the hearts and minds of Americans with the acute aid of the tanked media, I watched Hannity tonight, and Sean can blow smoke with the best of them but I get so steamed when he schedules these liberal mouthpieces and lets them slide with moderate correction. FOX news NEEDS to air contimnually, FACTS and DATA as it pertains to this Sequester.
The Obama folks are now calling out Bob Woodward, trying to edit any notes that surgeon may have, in other words CONTROL the whole message and bring down the Conservative movement.
We know that the Sequester was an Obama cluster— and Obama , changing the dialog, has deflected any criticism regarding the Sequester, and we also know that the Obama fright movement basically failed, and we SHOULD know we need to immediately take that information and clain it as our own.


I wanna see the dodo bird!


Well, as usual, the postal delivery person (as opposed to “mailman”) was late as usual. I don’t expect mail to be delivered tomorrow either. Hmmmm…could this be the beginning of the end to delivered mail??? Oh Lord, NO!! I won’t get all the junkmail and advertisements! One time I got so tired of all the junkmail that I took an envelope provided for returning a check to their organization, taped it to a brick and dropped it in a mailbox. The company that provides the envelope has to pay the return postage. Guess I won’t be doing that anymore.


The average American has the attention span of a dog in a park full of squirrels. There’s been to many cliffs and dooms days over the last five years that have come and gone without any real effect on the populace to have them cringing in front of their TV’s. No one is going to be the least bit surprised when another grand deal is cut Monday or Tuesday to push things off another couple months.


You expected more than the yucking, yucking, yucking, “hey uh, yuck yuck,” from Sean Vannity? Essentially, the sequester means there will be an annual increas of 6.9 percent intead of 7 percent and $2.4 trillion, instead of $2.5 trillion will be spent over the next ten years. Why not freeze the budget and go with what we had last year? There would be no cuts and no increase.

The Pro-Growth Sequester | RealClearPolitics

**Sequester Is Just A Fear Tactic - Real Money, CNBC 3/1/2013 **
Sequester Is Just A Fear Tactic - CNBC 3/1/2013 - YouTube


Hi, NJC - Please don’t mistake the rather light-hearted nature of this thread for anything other than a show of utter CONTEMPT for the lies, ignorance and profound arrogance of Obama and his administration and the role they have played in producing and perpetuating this never-ending fiscal psycho-drama known as, “It’s Bush’s fault.”

One can choose to either laugh or cry. We’ve all cried over this situation for a long, long time - sometimes injecting a bit of humor and directing it toward that which is so blatantly preposterous - such as Obama’s dire predictions surrouning sequestration - is the best way to express that contempt and draw attention to just how ignorant, insane and intellectualy bankrupt those people are who have deposited us in the midst of such governmental ineptitude. And, BTW, as a target of this contempt I would include roughly 52% of our electorate.

Elections have consequences. The consequences of electing and then reelecting this community organizer could hardly be more obvious and profound.


OK - well, it was touch and go, but we made it through the night - somehow. Global warming has rendered it a little too cold (32*) to go for a walk this morning. But, the sky is still overhead and Seravee apparently made it to his state job this morning. We’re on our way to breakfast, so I’ll have to let you know later on today if the cows are still producing milk and the hens are still laying eggs.

Update: We just returned from breakfast at a little cafe just up the road - in a 110 year old brick-walled building; the kind of “old town” setting that can be found all over Texas - and I’m happy to report that I was able to gum-down my oatmeal, a pork chop side and orange juice. Frankly, after listening to our POTUS again last night we were shocked the place was actually open. Hell, not only was it open, the place was packed!! Surprisingly, we were unable to detect any unusual happenings. Oh, we did note that Betty, the waitress who normally serves us, was not present. Of course, I just had to ask if her absence had anything to do with the sequester. After the owner, Bill, asked me, “What the hell is that?”, he informed us that Betty had the morning off to take her kids to soccer practice. Yet another example of a business owner victimizing an employee. Upon our return home I checked our water and lights - everything seemed to be operational. So far, so good.


Update form State job: We apparently still have money as I was informed that I still have my job. Though for a moment I though the world was ending as we did not have any hot water this morning. Very scary!