Sessions DOJ Declares 'No Evidence' Imran Awan Broke Law with Congress's Computer Systems


A very long post because of my answer (below) to this Session Bailout!

Democratic IT Aide Says Imran Awan Solicited Bribe From Him In Exchange For Contract With Then-Rep. Gwen Graham

During Sept 2016, The Awan clan continued to use Cong Xavier Becerra’s House Democratic Caucus computers in anomalous ways:

<><> logging on as “system administrators”

<><> changing identities

<><> logging onto Cong Becerra’s server using 17 different user account credentials

<><> some credentials belonged to Democrat House members

<><> the Awans did not work for 9 of the 17 offices to which user accounts belonged.

<><> investigations found “possible storage of sensitive House information” outside the House

<><> Dropbox is installed on two Democratic Caucus computers used by the suspects

<><> user accounts had thousands of files in their Dropbox folder on each computer

<><> Using Dropbox is against House rules because it uploads files offsite.

<><> Wash/Po reported “Based on the file names, some of the information is likely sensitive.”

<><> post-awan clean up discovered many computer set-ups were little more than “thin clients”

<><> computer set-ups were portals to an outside computer.

<><> Awans were using terminal servers from a computer in a different location.

<><>Virtual Private Networks can make a server’s hard drive appear to be local to a computer.

<><> remote sessions remained active for months at a time.

<><> data was always out of the members’ possession

<><> the Awans were using Becerra’s House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse.

<><> the Awans collectively logged onto Becerra’s Caucus system 5,735 times, avg 27 per day

<><> other offices were accessed less than 60 times.

<><> the pattern of login activity suggests steps were taken to conceal their activity

<><>aggregating multiple members’ data means all that data was absconded with

<><> L/E said Becerra’s entire Democratic Caucus server physically disappeared while being monitored by L/E.

<><> no scenario exists where the Awan clan’s access was appropriate

<><> House members are not allowed to accept services from people not on their payroll

<><> House employees are not permitted to log in to servers of members for whom they do not work.

<><> House policies are codified by law.