Sessions Gone!



Cleaning House!

NBC and Bloomberg now reporting that Rod Rosenstein has been pulled off oversight of Mueller probe


Finally, Sessions is no more. Of course, Sessions should never have been in the first place.

IMHO - by far the biggest mistake made by Trump early on was his appointment of Jeff Sessions as AG, not withstanding failing to fire James Comey on day one. The AG position is far too important and consequential to be used as a pay-back chip for election loyalty. It was clear to me that Trump appointed Sessions to his “dream job” because Sessions was the politician first on board with his candidacy and Trump wanted to pay him back… Thanks to this very naïve appointment, Trump has been subjected to two years of an utterly BS, contrived investigation. Trump’s understandable frustration with what appears an endless/boundless investigation has led to his verbal lashing out, sometimes thoughtlessly and without regard to political consequence.

As much as Donald Trump has accomplished during his first two years, I will always be left to wonder what else he might have gotten done without the “Russian collusion” albatross around his neck sapping his attention…


It might not have made much difference. The biggest issue that hurt us in the 2018 elections was health care and the preexisting conditions issue. That could have been settled had it not been for the late John McCain who decided to make his last major vote in the one that would forever show him to be a RINO.

Trump has told the Democrats that messing with the corruption probes in the House might blow up in their faces the way it did for the Republicans and Bill Clinton in the '90s. If the Democrats continue, look for a lot more face time for Adam Shift, a totally unattractive individual, who has made a political career out of Trump hating.



He should have stayed in the Senate.