Setting the Record Straight about Colorado’s Republican Caucus


Setting the Record Straight about Colorado’s Republican Caucus
Ari Armstrong

Unsurprisingly, John Frank’s articles about all this for the Denver Post are sensationalistic, designed more to inflame people and to draw eyes to the paper’s web site than to enlighten readers with the relevant facts put in context. (I think it’s a little humorous how many of Trump’s supporters totally mistrust the media—except when it spins things their way.)

A completely fair headline of what happened this year would have been, “Colorado Republicans Select Presidential Delegates the Same Way They Did Last Time.” But the reality of the situation is so much more boring than the trumped up version of it.

Armstrong participated in CO’s multi-level caucus, and speaks from his experiences and observations. He also gives a description of the process and a bit of its process.

The paragraphs I quoted are well down the article and illustrate a large part of why I was skeptical of the anti-Colorado rhetoric from the start. In my own words and perspective, the MSM hate Rs. While the DPost isn’t first-tier, like the NYT or WashPost, I think it could be considered to be high among second-tier papers such as the LA Times, SF Chronicle, KC Star, or Minneapolis STrib. So Rs should have reflexively suspected what the DPost writer was clearly trying to do: stir up @#$% among and against Rs. Rs and conservatives need to be smarter than to swallow poisoned tripe like that!


Exactly. To be clear, I don’t like their process, but it’s their process. I don’t like Louisiana’s much either. I prefer a closed, winner take all primary.


Another facet of the MSM-Trump narrative about Colorado’s caucus has been exposed as false. Which came first? The Trump campaign promoting this faux-event? Or the MSM broadcasting this faux-event? Knowing who was deceiver and who was deceived is more than slightly interesting to me (given the inept Trump organization in CO, it’s very possible that the Trump Campaign and MSM were both deceived).


Trump Is Wrong About ‘Stolen Votes’ in Colorado; Here’s What Really Happened
April 12, 2016|1:00 pm

> Last Saturday, I was elected as the youngest woman national delegate from Colorado. Since Colorado’s voting results were released, Donald Trump and his supporters have released a firestorm of criticism, threats, and rage.
> I’ve been called too many names to count, and have been accused of accepting bribes, being bought by the establishment, and being a traitor to our nation.
> …
> However, Trump’s failure to earn a single one of Colorado’s 34 elected delegates (who were elected in a series of eight elections) is his fault and his alone. Colorado has followed the caucus system for years, and while the straw poll was canceled as far back as last August, straw polls have never been binding on Colorado’s national delegation. Every Republican voter in Colorado has the right and the opportunity to show up one night each year and vote at his or her local caucus.
> …
> Trump has done his part to incite anger against Cruz and his supporters — who swept Colorado by following the rules and having an organized, on-the-ground campaign effort. While Trump toyed with the idea of showing up to the World Arena and wooing the delegates of Colorado, he ended up traveling elsewhere instead, basically resigning the state to a Cruz sweep.
> Ted Cruz actually showed up to the state convention, speaking for twenty minutes and shaking the hands of attendees. His grassroots campaign in the state ran smart and saavy, organizing phone calls, choosing a slate of delegates, wearing bright orange shirts advertising their delegates, and publishing accurate literature about those delegates.
> Trump’s grassroots Colorado effort, on the other hand, was deeply lacking in coherence. Ballot numbers were wrong — not just on the first piece of literature printed, but on the second, too. And while the Trump campaign is complaining that the number of mistakes are due to state party error, a little known fact is that the Cruz slate had one-third of its members originally left off the ballot. But, due to the better organization of the campaign, the state party’s mistake was caught in time, and the campaign ensured it was corrected.

Another delegate at the CO caucuses speaking out.


CA is a primary state, usually irrelevant, as it is held in June. Delegates are apportioned, however by Congressional district - whoever wins in a district gets that district’s delegates. This encourages candidates to go more places than LA-Orange County, San Diego County and the SF Bay Area (7 of CA’s 10 largest cities are in those areas).

I will be surprised if Trump goes outside of those three metro areas.

I will be surprised if Cruz does not campaign in 2 or 3 Central Valley cities, as well as those metro areas.

If I understand correctly, both are at an R convention this weekend in the SF Bay Area. Cruz had events in Orange County and San Diego a week or two ago. With Trump having very little organization in CA, I wonder how well done whatever rallies he has will be.


I think Cruz has a real shot at winning California, our Presidential Primary is still “Closed” as it is not subject to our imbecilic “Top Two” election structure that finished us off a few years ago.

The media has been making a big deal about how Trump is polling well among the same demographics as Arnold did well in, they are using that to justify their confidence in a Trump victory; but Arnold never won a regular Primary in California so his “coalition” of Democrats and Independents that gave him the Governors mansion won’t help Trump much in a Primary where they cannot vote.

I don’t question that California is still hopelessly an extreme left State and I know Trump is a favorite among the extreme left, but we do still have a Conservative rank and file that are registered as Republicans; they are a small group compared to the overall population but they are still a substantial group within the GOP.

No Conservative could ever win in California under our election rules but our rules do not apply to Presidential Primary’s, Cruz at least has a chance here.