Setting the thermostat

I read that we should set our thermostats at 68 degrees but I find I freeze so I set it at 72. During the summer I set it at 76. That means if I become used to a higher temperature why would any one think I would be comfortable at a lower temperature?

So what temperate are you comfortable at?

Keep in mind the partying president keeps his at 80 degrees.

The digital thermostat I installed a few years ago sets itself at;
70 from 6 A.M. until 10 A.M.
Then drops to 62 until 6 P.M.
Then it goes back to 70 until 10 P.M.
Then it goes back to 62 again until 6 in the morning.

This works pretty well unless I am home all day or up later than 10 P.M. When that occurs I manually override the 62 degree times and keep it at 70.

I do have to keep a sweatshirt on at 70 though, 73 is my optimum temp for comfort but 70 is a reasonable compromise for economic reasons.

I thought about installing a programmable thermostat but since I am the only one here and unless I go out or am engaged in doing something strenuous around the house I usually sit in my den with the computer and the TV going.

Since I keep odd hours I just adjust the thermostat when I need to.

We do 67 in the daytime and 58 at night. We don’t have central air, so in the summer, we just turn on the AC if we feel like we need it (we have two window units; a big one downstairs, and a little one in Mom’s computer room).

Our settings are more due to financial reasons than “saving energy.”

If it were up to me, I would set the thermostat at 65-68 year round. If I am working in the house, I can turn it down to60 and still sweat my posterior off.

As a compromise, my wife and I tend to set it between 70-72 year round. 72 can make me quite uncoomfortable. At that temp, you would think that it was summertime by looking at me–tank top and shorts.

We now have house guests that think 72 is freezing cold. This is their first cold weather winter that they have ever experienced. MY wife had to educate them about wearing thicker clothing. They are adjusting. My brother-in-law thought that the furnace was broken because, for the first minute after it kicked on, he felt cold air come out of the register and then it got warm. I had to explain to him that the warm air has to push out the cold air that is already in the duct work.

My sister-in-law and niece thought that they would ambush my son and I with snowballs while we were shoveling snow out on the back patio. They did pretty good at first and then their hands got very cold and they dove back inside. LOL!

Sounds like they are enjoying themselves, in spite of the change in climate. My sister, who was a missionary in several different African countries, when she came home and moved to Seattle, she just couldn’t get warm enough - not until she got her winter home in Florida, and it’s been around 25 years since she was last in Africa.

I thought of building a snowman outside with the snowman sitting at the base of a tree with his legs sticking out in front of him.

They are. They can’t convince my brother-in-law to come outside hardly at all. LOL!

It should also have a sign with a sarcastic comment about global warming.

[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:10, topic:28473”]
It should also have a sign with a sarcastic comment about global warming.