Sex is always the ultimate taboo

Local news does positive exposes on Local Marijuana growers, microbreweries, gun shops, drag racing stores, drag shows.

My goodness society has fallen since the 90s/2000’s quite a bit. It was a time when you kept your herb, your beer, and girly magazines away from anyone who wasn’t one of your bros. Your mom found out all that stuff was gone wham bam no thank you mam.

For one I would like American society to go full on Dutch and destigmafy actual sex between consenting straight partners. They do it for gay people why not straight people. I mean the word gay man implies sex within itself. Guy can dress up in drag for charity and everyone like yeah such winning. I go to to a BDSM musical event back in 2012 suddenly I’m el diablo. Genitorturers are an amazing band but they still get shut down and raided a lot these days and no one talks about that. Instead of mainstreaming LSD and Ketamine can we please mainstream straight sex or is that taboo?

Why all these incels can’t get laid cause the stigma. I’m not saying leagalize prostitution infact the opposite. Stop driving it underground.

I’m unclear on what you’re saying. I believe God made sex for husband and wife in private. Period.

Right but if were gonna be all open about it why limit to gay folks? I mean it feels like discrimination.

I don’t understand. Having sex in public isn’t legal regardless of orientation. People can show other forms of intimacy in public, no one is limited in that respect.

Most love songs are still about a guy and girl. So what limits that apply to heteros, don’t apply to homos?

Drag Shows for Kids and Charity but if you have the smallest amount of frontal nudity the FCC will blow up your bank account. It’s selective degeneracy you understand? Were fighting a culture war so much gay sex is shown to minors through drag shows, netflix, and I’m kind of the radcial middle they talk about and what if like the good old 90s mtv where it showed straight sex as alluring. I’m afraid lots of people young people view straight stuff as boring. How many of you talk to Gen z on a regular basis? I grew up Watching VHS anime from Blockbuster there were tiddy shots I’m pretty sure that reinforced what I was ya know supposed to be. Alot of people are confused they’re selling homosexuality as a commodity. It’s gone past acceptance into full blow preference. Where it’s preferred and celebrated and if your gay/trans. I’m a TERF and that implies heterosexuality’s I have goals. The things that reduce abortion (safe sex) are frowned on by social conservatives, the same thing that reinforces straightness (nudity on tv, in the media, body positive) is frowned on by social conservatives.

  1. Pretty sure most drag shows don’t involve sex.

  2. Are you familiar with burlesque? Feel like that’s what you should actually compare this to, as it kind of inspired the former.

Search results of porn beg to differ. Did you read that interview with the escort I gave you? She pretty much testifies what people are into on average, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Young girls, fit bodies, perky assets. For women, fit men, good hair, symmetrical features.

This is hard wired.

Maxim or Sports Illustrated putting dyed-haired tranvestites on their covers, is in no way indicative of what people are attracted to. They’re virtue signaling.

How do you intend to take care of the children who are going to be conceived as a result of all this free love, @Unitedwestand? The thing about gay sex is that it does not produce offspring. For some of them, that is a good thing because the profoundly promiscuous gay people have little sense of responsibility.

What we will have with your free love system will be a lot more single mothers who won’t be able to raise the children. That only compounds the problem.

I think that society made gay sex taboo because it represented the expenditure of sexual energy that did not produce children. For much of history additional population was needed and desirable. Today it’s not a good thing unless the children are born to responsible parents.

They’re willing to stoop to those levels to convert kids, it’s shameful but what else do you do but match it? Virtue signal straightness.

Actually, many (I’m not sure about most at this point in history) social conservatives believe in abstinence outside of marriage, which would reduce abortion radically.

But it doesn’t work. States with higher levels of abstinence only education have higher rates of teen pregnancy.

There’s a difference between believing in something vs Realpolitik. Reality is in states where that is norm higher teen births, higher stds, higher spousal abuse.

I’m not sure I take this as gospel. If it is true, I suggest that it wouldn’t be if all and sundry weren’t trying to sell sex every conceivable way.

Google Teen Pregnancy Map, and STD Map. You’ll see it’s all southern states with Abstinence only education.

teen birth rates per county by quintile

So Degenerate Liberalism causes low teen birth rates or factual sex education which Liberals request be provided causes low teen birth rates? I grew up in Michigan where Sexual Health Information has to have factual basis and abstinence is stressed, which gives us a hybrid model. Abstinence was mentioned as the only 100% way to stay STD/Pregnancy free and the next 5 weeks were about how the trick the system and avoid being pregnant or std free regardless. I’ve had multiple partners I always suited up, never had an unwanted pregnancy or STD. I remember this girl had a conservative mom who wanted like 100% abstinence right, she was quite wealthy this woman I told her you want a pregnant daughter? She was floored at point.

She was going to try to get me because the girl was on disability and in college and under 26 and that can be a CSC charge I was younger than her in college and on SSI and I said my mom will pull that same crap back woman. I was 23 this girl was 24, and this prude old woman was in our business threating criminal sexual conduct charges. Woman was really wealthy she had BWM’s Lionheads fountain on her poor that shot out water. Yet my mom made six figures and can play that game too. Sexual prudeness leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There was this woman her son is a local politician and she refused to get her daughter the umm gardisil shot right and her daughter got cancer from HPV cause she was the town bike. Every time her brother goes and talks about accountability on his FB page I say “You ever met a family so irresponsible that they didn’t get their daughter a Gardasil shot and she got cancer from HPV you know any one like that you know any one like that Matt?” . Dude tried to sue me for defamation I subpoenaed testimony from several people who knew the situation he straight up dropped it I counter tagged him for 10k got 5k out of court.

Either you can have people dumb as hell about sexual health getting HPV and suing each other over attitudes or you can come out of the stone ages and get educated.

The true degenerates are marketing homosexual and transexuality to your kids I say we counter it was straightness Sendgop would rather defend the degenerates and FC wants to deflect back to a strategy that doesn’t work. If we don’t stop this all our grandsons will become grandaughters like sendgop got going on it’s real people wake up.

Watch what happens when I change the frame to unmartial births:

Utah teaches abstinence (by law), and yet they are one of the best.

One of the worst is New Mexico, a state that teaches Birth Control.

Translation: Teen birth happen more often in conservative states, because it’s more socially acceptable for Teens to get married, and have kids.

Especially in Utah. The same goes looking into the past: