Sexism and Tennis?


Someone please explain how two females playing tennis before a male judge can have one Ms.Williams claim that the judge is “sexist”??? I would expect her to use the "RACE"card…the only way that bias really makes sense would be if one of them is TRANSGENDER!!! (Look closely at Ms.Williams…there are linebackers more feminine than she!!!)
Is there something behind her rant? Does she feel that she/he is being discriminated against?
Remember…she/he started it.
Hello, NEW YORK TIMES? I think I have a story for you…
(In keeping with my policy to shine a light ,with a humorist’s slant on the news…)
The Senator.


I think that she may have gotten the shaft from that judge. It all started when he penalized her for getting instructions from her coach from the stands. How he was able to able spot that remains a mystery, but it’s one of those subjective calls that can be questioned. From there Ms. Williams do go over the top.

As for the sexist claims I can remember Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Ilia Neztsosie going ballistic on the court and not have as severe penalties levied on them.