Shades of Suetonius


Truly remarkable article here:

Note the language used by Trump’s former lawyer. Put aside the obligatory “he stresses he doesn’t believe Trump committed any crimes” and look the comparisons he’s making:

Speaking from his experience as a prosecutor, he said even hardened organized-crime figures flip under pressure from the government. “The mob was broken by Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano caving in out of the prospect of a jail sentence,” Mr. Goldberg said.

This is a lawyer for the President of the United States comparing the President and his organization to the mob.


This is going to be great when all these wishful fantasy’s that are being floated are revealed to be just another bunch of nothing :smile:

I guess I should not say “nothing”, they are at least exposing the complete ethical bankruptcy of the Judicial system and the Justice Department especially; every time their latest witch hunt comes up empty they cast off a few more laws and go back to the well.

By the time this is over their won’t be enough Americans who respect the Judiciary to fill a mini van, and that is good news for those who have known for a long time that the Rule Of Law has long been abandoned by our government.

Who knew I could have this much fun and hope as a result of a President that I did not vote for!


Interesting guess. I’ll offer my own: Trump is a deeply criminal scumbag with a history of fraud and other financial crimes too numerous to fathom. I predict that a great deal of this comes out.

I further predict that it will be found that the Russians have something on Trump, as I can’t for the life of me figure out why else he’s bending over backwards to be as easy on them as he can plausibly get away with (obviously, he’s under intense pressure to be tough on them).

The other possibility, that he just deeply admires the murderous dictator and only wants to be best buds with the bloody tyrant cus it will MAGA, seems very unlikely.


Are you REALLY this obtuse??? What you WANT to happen and what is the truth are diametrically opposites. No recent President has been harder on Russia…not even Reagan, and HIS Russia policy brought down the Soviet Union. The Russian journalist who reported that the U.S. forces had killed 100 Russian “mercenaries” in Syria recently mysteriously “fell out of a high-rise window” to his death in St. Petersburg. WE knew about that weeks ago but the Russian people didn’t.


So here’s another Trump-era tagline:

A case brought by a porn star against the President of the United States regarding hush money paid to the porn star to cover up an affair has been put on hold because the President’s attorney is being indicted on criminal charges.

This is your POTUS, “Moral Majority.”


Nobody cares what President Trump may have done 12-13 years ago. It’s what he’s doing for us TODAY that matters. I heard NOTHING from the dim-witted Dems in the 90’s when Clinton’s affairs in the White House were revealed.


I did; they were defending him while attacking Republican political figures of similar (lack of) character.