Shaquille O’Neal Slams National Anthem Protests, Says He Would Go ‘Much Bigger’


Yes! Exactly! I didn’t thinkI’d agree with O Neal but I guess even a broke clock is right twice a day.


Charles Barkley is even more correct:

Barkley said that instead of kneeling and jawing about “social justice,” he would give back to the community and actually do something about the issues. The former Houston Rockets power forward also slammed the media for how it has handled the story, Awful Announcing said.

“I’m just so sick of the media hijacking this conversation because they need something to talk about every day,” Barkley said. “Man, let’s start doing. Stop talking.”


I think he’s mistaken, at least in regard to those who started it. For Kaep and those with him it really was about publicly and floutingly rejecting and flipping off this nation. But for those who have tried to make it only about some sort of social justice cause, they are distracting from their supposed message by the way they think they are communicating it.


For Kap it was mostly just a “LOOK AT ME” stunt. I don’t think he expected it to blow up like it did. I think he wanted to grab some headlines for a few days and raise his profile. I don’t think he planned on it being a huge national issue. And I doubt he expected it to end so poorly for him.


Heh, I’m going to go sit on the toilet and see how much sympathy I can squeeze out for him. I haven’t watched those spoiled brats in the NFL in years. Women’s soccer is more entertaining.


I perfer women’s tennis in slow motion with a good wind at their backs…