Sharia Law Condominiums to be built on Ground Zero


Only a commie like deblasio blowhard would allow such a slap in the face to the victims of 9/11! Well, so would BO, come to think of it. As soon as this atrocity is open for business, someone should fly a few drones into it packed with bombs. What an outrage!

~‘Sharia’ Financing For High-Rise Near Ground Zero - Fox Nation

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Apartments, Islamic museum to be built on site of failed Ground Zero Mosque | New York Post

The developer of the failed Ground Zero Mosque has nailed down “Sharia-compliant financing” for a new, luxury condominium tower and Islamic cultural museum on the same site, he and his banking partners said Wednesday.

The $174 million dollar project features a three-story Islamic cultural museum at 51 Park Place and 48 high-end residential condos in a 43-story tower at 45 Park Place in the Financial District.

The “Sharia-compliant” financing means the deal complies with complex Islamic laws that govern lending and borrowing, including a prohibition against accepting interest or fees for loans.

Manhattan developer Sharif El-Gamal’s 2010 plan for a 15-story Islamic cultural center sparked protests from opponents who dubbed it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” although it was four blocks away.

He abandoned that plan in 2011 and there has been little apparent opposition to the smaller museum or the development itself.


Bottom line is, we seem to have, in the majority, no will to survive. Just in CASE there was any doubt about what Islam IS…the WTC attack should have erased it. And the war, and the field reports, and how these actors do their thing to Jews and Americans and their own people…should have sealed it in our minds.

It did not. So we allow them victory-lap after victory-lap.

I have no say in this. Born in Long Island, I left the area, not of my choice, when I was four. I have been there as an adult, as a tourist…Rudy Guiliani’s New York City was an admirable place.

What unchecked liberalism has done to it since, makes it less admirable. Makes it despicable.

Since Federalism no longer protects sane people and rational state governments, the time is now for Flyover American states to begin considering Secession.


As practiced by Salfists? Sure. As practiced by the Nation of Islam (NoI), who make up over half of “Muslims” in the U.S.? Much different. The very terrorists who attacked us would consider all NoI members heretics.

And things like NoI, represent the best way that the threat of Jihad can perhaps be mollified; sow disunity. It’s no accident that the biggest group receiving fire from ISIS, is Shia Muslims.

It’s the absolutism inherent to sharia law, that I think is their biggest stumbling block from becoming the power they were centuries before.