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" Twice on Full Measure, we’ve profiled the anti-Trump “resistance” movement. Today, our cover story is a fascinating look at the flip side of the coin. Blacks, gays and other constituents who traditionally belong to Democrats are leading movements walk away from that political party. We begin with the founder of the Black Exit from the Democratic party, 30 year old Candace Owens ."

Blexit: The black exit from the Democrat party
NOVEMBER 10, 2019 BY SHARYL ATTKISSON…ocrat-party-2/

In recent days, President Trump launched a “Black Voices for Trump” alliance to try to receipt more support among African Americans.

Numerous pro-Trump movements are already underway with the aim of leading traditional Democrat constituents away from the liberal party.

One of them called “Blexit” is led by an activist named Candace Owens. Another is #WalkAway, led by Brandon Straka.

Such efforts have drawn millions of views and followers on social media.

How big and how effective they are at changing minds are open questions.

Click the link below to watch my report “Switching Sides” from my Sunday TV program Full Measure.

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