Doug Giles

Dorothy Bland, dean of the journalism school at the University of North Texas, is used to taking a walk at daybreak. But rain delayed her exercise regimen until later Saturday morning when she began traversing the streets of her well-to-do Corinth neighborhood.

But soon “flashing lights and sirens from a police vehicle” paused her walk, she wrote in a column for the Dallas Morning News.

Bland was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and she’s black.

“Like most African-Americans, I am familiar with the phrase ‘driving while black,’ but was I really being stopped for walking on the street in my own neighborhood?” she asked.

But after Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall caught wind of the incident, she wrote a response, which was in the second part of the Dallas Morning News piece, and said that the encounter was about Bland’s safety, not race — and that dashcam video from the officer’s patrol car proves it.

Walthall said the officers saw Bland walking in the street with earbuds and “unaware that there was a pickup truck directly behind her that had to almost come to a complete stop to avoid hitting her.”

Walthall noted that while the patrol car’s emergency lights were activated, no sirens were used, contrary to Bland’s claim — and the officers “immediately” told Bland about their concern for her safety and the pickup truck and that she should walk against traffic instead.

Have false hate crime and police excessive use-of-force accusations become some sort of rite of passage thing among professional victimologists?

A year ago Libs & Progs were clamoring for dash and body cams (which were already in use or coming anyway). I wonder how many more such exposures of false accusations it will take for dash and body cams to be condemned as racist!

Speaking of this particular incident, this false accuser is a Journalism professor. I’m guessing she traded on that to get her piece in the Dallas Morning News, bypassing fact-checking. Kudos to the DMN for publishing the Corinth PD Chief’s fact-based response.

That false accuser’s job - Journalism professor - should be on the chopping block, but I don’t have enough faith in academia to have high expectations on that point.

BTW one daughter of this article’s author is Hannah Giles, who assisted James O’Keefe in his video exposure of ACORN.


Those dash cams and body cams have come back to bite many of those who use the old victim or denial of doing something. Lately we have seen many examples of accusations proven false.


Um…were the sidewalks not working that morning?

I think people do this junk on purpose sometimes. I also think as a dean of journalism, she did it on purpose for a story.



I dunno, but I grew up where there weren’t any sidewalks, and it was drilled into us, “Always walk on the left, facing traffic.” I wonder if they ever teach that anywhere. I know, in this tourist trap we live in, where there are no sidewalks, few people adhere to that, and sometimes they are spread all across the road.


Corinth, Texas is a small suburb of Denton, just down I35E and just NW of Dallas. I suspect it doesn’t HAVE very many sidewalks as those have to be maintained by the city–not the adjoining landowners–and that can get expensive. I did some business with a resident there once and I don’t recall seeing ANY sidewalks.


This is why it is incumbent on the police to wear video cameras. There have been good men slandered for crimes they didn’t commit. Allegations and nothing more, that have impacted and sometimes ruined lives.

I watched the video in its entirety, this lady was walking on the road and waving her arms, she shouldn’t even be on the road any more than I should be driving my car on the sidewalk. Then she went into “I’m being profiled mode”, a major stretch and incorrect assessment after watching the video. They verified her address…this is fair considering her odd behaviour walking on the road. I would want to know she lives in the neighbourhood also, they didn’t write her up nor take it further, and their advise was correct.

With cameras, the best of the best officers will come out shining and hopefully move through the ranks. The worst in their field will be exposed and will be forced to find another career and any consequences of abusing their authorities and individuals rights. It’s a win/win as far as I can see.

In the end, who WOULDN’T want a recorder to protect themselves from any wrongful accusations? Most of us have cameras at work and we operate fine. I am glad this was exposed for what it was, now let there be consequences for the lady who made an accusation to further an agenda. You cannot or should not be able to make such false accusations without serious consequences. Just as officers must be held to account, so must citizens who abuse their own media attention.


I walk/run for exercise, so that stood out to me as well. There are nice wide sidewalks on both sides of the street. Further, I stay out of streets unless I’m crossing or there’s no sidewalk or side-path, or to cross. So I also think either she was on something chemical, or she was trying to inconvenience her (possibly mostly white) neighbors. Given her malice in falsely accusing Corinth PD’s officers of using excessive force, the latter seems pretty likely to me (though obviously I’m speculating).


In my neighborhood I see people walking or running all the time during the day and they do so facing traffic unlike this person who was listening to her tunes and ignoring her surrounding.


Dave, there are two pix in Doug Giles’ article, near the top. One is a portrait of this Journalism Prof, the other is from the officers’ dash cam of the stop in question. A sidewalk is clearly visible to the right of the car, and just a bit of sidewalk can be seen to the left of the car. Hence my and Tigger’s comments.

Responsive, somewhat, to Susanna’s comment, when I’m out walking and there is no sidewalk I stay to the edge of the street/road. This female was walking toward the center of the street, impeding traffic. IOW, she was not acting according to simplest (what should be) common sense. Further, years of walking on sidewalks, streets, and suburban park trails developed another habit in me, paying attention to things around me! This, again, is simplest (what should be) common sense. And that is another part of why I think she had been using recreational chemicals or was being the northern end of a southbound horse.


My neighborhood has sidewalks, but I see some runners there, and some in the street (don’t know why, maybe they think asphalt is a little less stress for the knees or shin splints). I don’t notice whether those in the street are on the right or the left, but they are always near the gutter.

I hadn’t seen the video of the stop, sc. Thanks for filling in about her obnoxious accusatory behavior during the stop. I don’t know TX law and Corinth’s ordinances, but she probably could have been ticketed for jaywalking and/or some sort of negligence, but was not. I don’t know if I would have been quite as patient, even without her victimology shtick.


Here s the video from Fox (might be a short ad before it starts).

Worth watching. The lady should be ashamed of herself if she has any self dignity. The officers should feel vindicated and at the very LEAST offered a public and sincere apology.

Big bird flying


When did we reach the point when a man’s WORD was inadequate–that there had to be some digital visual record of what he did and said before he can be believed? THAT’S why most large PD’s do psych evaluations to help weed out the power-freaks, liars and other potential little-boy problems BEFORE allowing them on the street with a shield and a gun.

Pete: I watched the video and there are, indeed, sidewalks in that neighborhood–which appears to be a MUCH more upscale neighborhood than any I saw in my visit to Corinth some years back. There are none in my own neighborhood and the walkers and joggers have to “do their thing” in the street, but almost always along the gutters and NEVER in the middle of the street. Then it’s a small subdivision with no through streets and the streets we do have loop back out onto a major arterial so there’s only local traffic and, during the day, not much of that.


Thanks for the vid Sam, I think I forgot to add the link in my post :plain:


Dave, there are several 1/4-1/2 mile stretches in my neighborhood without sidewalks, and as you say runners and walkers traversing them stay at the edge of the street - including me when I use them. My point in calling out the sidewalks in her neighborhood was that she was doing what no rational walker or jogger would do if exercise were their purpose.

Sadly, we are at a point in our society where “a man’s WORD (is) inadequate”. Liars have always been around since the infamous forbidden fruit incident, but they have been abounding of late, on both sides of the badge. There are dirty/abusive cops, despite communities’ screening efforts, and there are, IMO, vastly more equine anuses who would falsely accuse a police officer of excessive use of force as casually as this Journalism prof did. So, sadly, dash and body cams have become necessary - for both reasons.

The cameras will catch some of those who abuse their authority. The cameras will also exonerate, IMO, vastly more police officers falsely accused of violating their authority. The cameras aren’t a panacea: not everything happens on-camera; innocent people will be visible by happening to be in the background going about their entirely legal personal business; there will swiftly be petabytes of video data to store, securely, for God knows how many decades, complicating advances in video data and display formats.

And I’m cynical-realistic enough to believe that very soon enough police officers will have been exonerated that dash cams and body cams will be denounced as “invasions of privacy” or “racist” or some other epithet. They aren’t of course, but there are “civil rights” and cause-advocacy groups “out there” who would gladly denounce the truth, however revealed, if it interfered with their agendas and agenda-supportive narratives.


Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you’re right, Pete. I’ve done business with people on a handshake before and BOTH of us considered it to be a “binding contract.”