Sheriff: Up to 7 dead, 20 injured in Kansas workplace shooting



A workplace shooting in Hesston, about 35 miles north of Wichita, has left four to seven people dead and has injured as many as 20, according to Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton.

The sheriff said Thursday evening that the number of people injured could be as high as 30.

“This is just a horrible incident here,” he said. “It’s going to be a lot of sad people before this is all over.”

The shooting at Excel Industries, which employs about 1,000 people, was reported shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, a Harvey County dispatcher said.

Walton later confirmed that a suspect, an employee at the turf care products manufacturer, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. The shooter, a Harvey County resident, was armed with a long gun and a handgun, according to Walton.

Sheriff: Up to 7 dead, 20 injured in Kansas workplace shooting | The Wichita Eagle


SIGH. My heart just sinks right into my belly at news like this. Doesn’t help any that Hesston is right near my husband’s old stomping grounds, so is familiar.

And yes, do be prepared for “the gun did it” crowd to be voicing their opinions/demands in about 3…2…1…


Kansas gunman kills 3, injures 14 before dying in shootout with police
Published February 26, 2016

A gunman armed with what police called an “assault-style” weapon killed three people and injured 14 others in Kansas Thursday before he was killed by a police officer.

All three victims and 12 of the injured were shot at Excel Industries, a plant in Hesston that makes lawn mower products, Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said. Of those hurt, 10 were critically wounded, he said.

Authorities have not officially identified the deceased suspect, but multiple co-workers identified the shooter to local media as Cedric Ford. Walton would not discuss a motive, but told reporters there were “some things that triggered this individual.”

Erin McDaniel, spokeswoman for the nearby city of Newton, said the suspect was known to local authorities. She wouldn’t elaborate.

3 dead, 10 in serious condition.

The gun-haters have a few obstacles to negotiate that complicate their propaganda. The perp was a PC minority, and “known” to local authorities for starters.


I have relatives in Lawrence, Seneca, and Corning, maybe 200 miles from Hesston. It touches close to home for me as well. Not that strangers from a part of the country to which I have no ties being murdered is any less a sad event.


Now that my husband’s up and joggled my sorry memory…
It is the place I was thinking of. My B-in-L worked for Excel for years, and we stay at the AmericInn in Hesston while visiting family in Inman and Hutch.
(Well, you know how it is when things strike close to home.)

My emotions have moved from depressed to anger at the senselessness of it all.


Ya got a point. Somehow I doubt he was a White Supremacist, so that’s out.


Reading between the lines of the Fox News article - maybe too deeply - there may be other things not yet made public, how he was “known” to local police being one.


It seems like every other day now we’re hearing of people going off the rails and shooting up a place. I just don’t get it. What draws a person to feel that they have no other option but to kill and/or injure a bunch of innocent people? I just will never understand this.


We tell God we don’t want Him in our public schools and governments and other public places, and then blame Him for not protecting us from the results.


(Oops, Pete. Hope my previous post didn’t sound like I was trying ‘one-up-man-ship’ silliness. Apparently, we were posting at the same time.)

Anyway, to answer maybe some of your question, Sillie’s OP article states that his live-in girlfriend had filed a protective order. Plus, his FB page has him calling Florida “home”, so I suppose they looked up his record there - which is quite extensive. Off the top of my head, I remember burglary and fleeing the cops being on it.

I didn’t mention what I was thinking at the time - Sounds like FL LE may have some answering to do, themselves. All of that past record is fairly unclear though: How it was adjudicated, what sentence he may have received, or even how old those charges are.


No respect for life. Though there’s a myriad of reasons, people are becoming desensitized. Life is meaningless, and certainly not sacred.

There is one thing about this happening in Hesston. Chances of there being a BLM gathering are slim to none.


You are absolutely correct. I think a lot of this is due to so many dysfunctional families where one parent is not around–usually the father–or drugs, gangs, etc. And, the schools don’t help. There is no teaching in most public schools. And, what IS taught is marxist principles. And, the worst part of it is that many people have no ethical standards from which to conduct their everyday lives. “I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE” is the mantra of most people today. We’re doomed.


Nobody will talk about the black population. It’s too politically incorrect to speak the truth. NObody will tell them to “shape up, or ship out!”

Well, I will. Too many have destroyed everything they touch. Just look at what happened here in this small town of about 4000 where the black population amounts to 0.3%.
What race was the person who just ruined how many lives? It wasn’t a white guy, whose population is the highest. It wasn’t a Latino, whose population is the next highest, although small. (And I account that for the influence of the general town. They don’t PUT UP WITH gangs, and the type of Latino’s who move there won’t put up w/it either.)

If we don’t get over the fear of being called “racist” for pointing out an obvious problem, the problem is never going to be addressed. And THAT’S not going to happen until people have the guts to point out the REAL racists for who they are.

Can you believe that I actually had this somewhat same conversation with my mother FORTY years ago?
I couldn’t talk to my racist girlfriend back then, but what I wouldn’t GIVE to point out to her who the actual racist is.


Probably KKK.



Sam, you are so bad. :coffee_spray:


Before coming to RO this morning I read that the perp was in possession of his firearms via illegal purchase so I assume the “known to local authorities” is somewhat of an understatement. That oughta be an obstacle to the “gun-haters” but based on past actions/performances it will not be.


Why? They can access buses, can’t they?..


What is a “BLM” meeting?


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:18, topic:48342”]
What is a “BLM” meeting?
[/quote]Black Lives Matter


How stooped of me. I should have known that. Thanks, Tiny!