Shocker: bad, lazy parents are the least popular guests at hotels

Are you guilty of letting your kids run wild in the hotel hallway? If so, know that guests behind closed doors are cursing your parenting skills, as “inattentive parents” topped a newly released hotel etiquette survey that identifies the most annoying types of hotel guests.
In the survey conducted by online travel site Expedia, lazy, inconsiderate parents outranked other aggravating guest behaviors such as “hallway hellraisers” and “complainers,” the nitpicky guests who berate hotel staff for the smallest inconveniences.
The survey also revealed American tipping habits at hotels, showing that more than half (51 percent) of guests tip their housekeepers — the most tipped hotel employee.

Shocker: bad, lazy parents are the least popular guests at hotels « Hot Air

I particularly liked this comment

**[FONT=Arial]I get the strangest looks when I offer to beat their kids for them.

Another good one

It is considered bad form to duct tape the smaller ones into ball shapes and use them to knock down the bigger ones.**[/FONT]


I am tolerant of kids getting excited and a little loud in the hallways. It can happen spontaneously. If they keep doing it, it’s bothersome. I commonly hear parents stopping them after the initial outbursts. That’s usually the best they can do.

I’ve had hotel neighbors make lots of noise late at night with loud music and talking. So, when I got moving at 4 am, I would crank up my TV, put out the do not disturb sign, and go to work for the day. Since they most likely wanted to sleep in, I’m sure that I helped them as much as they helped me.


I like knocking on the wall when people are loudly enjoying their special time, and asking if they mind if I record it for later use.

Also, I do the same with the tv. I will slam doors. I will accidentally trip and knock over lots of things, into the offending wall. I like setting my alarm for 15 minutes after I leave. Lots of fun things.


What kind of hotels do you all stay in? I can’t remember any noisy neighbors, except for maybe the sound of the water running through the walls

I think the worst was having a room next to a noisy elevator.

I have traveled much for work and personal. I’ve stayed at many different hotels. Most are fine and quiet.

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I’m notoriously bad at changing rooms if there’s something I don’t like. One time I was upgraded to a suite at no extra charge. :whistle:

My wife and I met in Honolulu for our first anniversary. I flew in on R&R from Vietnam and she flew in from the mainland. We stayed at the Haliukalani Inn on Wakiki for $50/night–a special rate for those on R&R. The room was beautiful and we really liked it…until the first morning there when at 6AM there was an awful racket right outside our door. Our room was next door to the room where they stored surfboards! They were nice about it and moved us right away to a different room, though. The rooms there today are in the $1,500/night range so I don’t suppose we’ll ever stay there again.

usually Courtyard by Mariott, or La Quinta as a last resort. Just depends on the circumstances.

LOL! Great sense of humor you’ve got there, Dude. Kudos.

I guess I’ve been fairly lucky. I’ve stayed in an assortment of hotels ranging from Motel 6, to Red Roof, (my fav for a necessity overnight), to The Sheridan to Hampton Inn, (definately my fav or comfort), and have few to no experiences of discomfort due to other customers; children, or not.
Another piece of luck. On the few occasions when the children were along, they somehow knew it was time to mind their manners, and did. (Otherwise, I’d have to kill 'em, and they probably didn’t like that option.)