Should the President suspend habeas corpus and arrest those invading our borders?


And if YOU, AS, can’t understand the difference between the late 19th Century and the 21st, then maybe YOU are doing the very same thing.


Said every liberal on the 2nd amendment, ever.

Unalienable is unalienable. It’s definition doesn’t change.


What in the HELL does the 2nd Amendment have to do with “suspending Habeas Corpus” or illegal immigration? Our country is VASTLY different vis a vis immigration today compared to the 1800s.


Natural rights don’t change, no matter the era.

People have as much a right to Freedom of Contract, and Freedom of Association, as they do to arming themselves.

The legal immigration system created illegal immigration, by violating Natural Law with cynical laws meant to prohibit immigration.

Just as Liberal states create black market gun problems, by instituting cynical gun laws meant to prohibit gun ownership.


So? You were asked: What in the HELL does the 2nd Amendment have to do with “suspending Habeas Corpus” or illegal immigration? Answer he question and don’t deflect.


The Democrat Party Leadership has been encouraging this ongoing invasion of our southern border since 1985 when amnesty was granted to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall and secure our border. And here we are today, no wall, but 10-15 million more illegal entrants and the invasion continues


Horse manure. There is no “natural right” for anyone who wants to get on the free cheese wagon to come into this country without permission. And THAT’S what your comment implies.


You can’t use permission to block entry arbitrarily.

Once you use law to block entry of innocent people, the law is in the wrong.

America isn’t a house, it’s a public forum. There can be vetting of people, but there can be no caps.

Regulation, not prohibition. The same as with guns.


BS. There is nothing in either “natural law” OR in the Constitution that says “regulating” (in the progressive meaning of the term) one’s access to ANY weapon is permissible OR efficacious. Neither is there anything in either that prohibits the “regulation” (in the progressive AND conservative meaning of the term) of who has access to the property of a nation’s citizens. In YOUR world, AS, anyone with a serious, life-threatening, contagious disease anywhere on the planet has an absolute “right” to come here for treatment and risk spreading their contagion across the nation. What you’re advocating for is national suicide and WE don’t choose to participate.


Nope; I’ve made qualifications for disease several times. Equally, Americans who contract disease are just as much impaired.

Knock off the red herrings Dave. It just makes it look like you’re avoiding the issue.

If the person is of no threat, and there is no red flags in their background, they should have free entry.
To come work or play as they please.

Yes, you do have those things as a right. Even as a foreigner.

Free Association, and Freedom of contract. You cannot say citizenship is what gives you those rights, or else you’re implying Government creates them.


How does one find out if there are any “red flags” in the background of someone from Guatemala who doesn’t even have a birth certificate? BS on a shingle, AS. You don’t have the LEAST idea what you’re talking about here. We have tens of thousands sneaking across our borders every year. SOME of them are here for no good and SOME of them are killing American citizens. Are you REALLY claiming that they somehow have a “right” to do this stuff? If you are, you’re as delusional as Nancy Pelosi, and probably no smarter. Remember she’s the moron who claimed that a wall would “violate the rights of illegals.”

  1. Because there’s information sharing on fingerprints and DNA.

Also, deep learning, machines pointing out places of conflict & trouble. Police do this so they can single down to blocks or even individual houses where most crimes emanate from.

Which leads me to:

  1. This isn’t the 1970s.

Technology gives us plenty of avenues to track history.

Even if they don’t have birth certificates or finger print records, pretty much everyone now-a-days has a presence online; social media, shopping history or otherwise.

Phone use is ubiquitous, even in the 3rd world.


Oh BS! If we can’t even confirm someone’s true IDENTITY because they have no documents to prove who they really are, how do you propose we confirm what they may or may not have said on the “social media?” We simply DO NOT HAVE any data on people from Guatemala, El Salvador, Pakistan, Bangladesh or even MEXICO that can help us know the most basic information about them. We don’t keep a “database” on communists from NoKo, China, Venezuela, Cuba or terrorists from Iran, Yemen, Nigeria, Tunisia or even Iraq! No country provides fingerprint data to us…even if they HAVE it, which most don’t.


Pictures, geo-location, texts, etc.

Just like airborne drug-communications interdiction in the 80s, only much more intricate, and much more detailed.

Oh **** Yes we do, we have tons of it and its growing all the time. You’re the one talking out of ignorance Dave; you have no idea what were doing today. Or what’s happened in Latin America.

Social media use is plateauing down there. They’ve reached the point where virtually everyone has a phone.


Nonsense, of course. We have “social media” users all over THIS country using phony names and identities. Do you REALLY believe that Latin Americans aren’t doing the same thing…or Africans, Europeans and Middle Easterners, for that matter???


And we have machine learning AI that picks those things apart. I’ve seen Air Force jobs that do this, so I know the FBI has them. Or whomever else is running the clearing houses.

… Yup, they do, and they’re even using them to trackdown people who intentionally destroyed their fingerprints.


Where do you INVENT this crap, AS? We have no way of knowing who is posting on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram from foreign countries. We STILL don’t know who those Ukrainians are that did this during the 2016 elections. Oh, we know they were “probably” Ukrainian, but we don’t know their actual names and addresses.


Yes we do, we do this all the darn time.

Facial recognition + social media history + cell phone tower/GPS signal history, gives a very good way to check if they address and names they’re giving you, is where they’re from and who they are.

The FBI and the NSA has had the backdoors to check these things for years.

You’re talking about people we haven’t met in person, who aren’t giving names or places.

I’m saying normal people, living normal lives can in fact be verified. You’re talking about people playing cloak & dagger games.


That would be OK if everyone trying to enter the U.S. was a “normal person, living a normal life.” We know for a FACT that there are a substantial number of people coming here with evil intent.


Okay, but you’re shifting the goalposts.

You were saying that there’s no way to verify who a poor person from Guatemala is.

I’m saying there is, because even most poor people from Guatemala today have phones. It’s not the only tool we have, but it is one of them.


Where do “poor” people from Guatemala get cell phones? I could barely afford mine and I’m no way near “poor.”