shouting into the cosmos ...

At which point, they discovered (to their great chagrin) these handsome fellows:

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For the sake of argument, let’s assume that warp drive and wormholes remain science fiction. A journey to another habitable system will take thousands of years. A group of repairable, maintainable, self-sufficient, multi-generational vessels would be required. Assuming that the progressives do not plunge Earth into another Dark Ages (or worse) the technology to actually do this is very close and I would put it at decades or perhaps a few centuries. Of course the ability to do something and the will to actually do it are separate considerations. Our potential voyagers could be much the same as we are today and were a thousand years ago; not necessarily some sort of super advanced creatures or civilization.

What would be the result? Maybe something like the European arrival in America.

A thousand years crammed into a vessel with no source of resupply. Hmm. . . not likely but it wouldn’t take a thousand years. A trip of 10 light years would take about 13 years real time and less then ten subjective time. That assumes an average velocity of .61 to .677 light. That would have a mass increase and time dilation factor of about 1.26 to 1.4 which should not require excessive amounts of fuel. Once you hit .86 light the dilation/mass factor hits 2 and goes up rapidly from there. And that’s using the old in-system Offset drive.

With an interstellar throw drive you can do 29% of C², which will let you go a Parsec in a little over three hours. Though it’s best to keep each throw to a third of that to be safe on the safe side.

Remember that interstellar space is not totally empty. If you travel at any significant fraction of light speed, minute pebbles or specks of dust will impact with the kinetic energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

Shields up, Scotty!

Barring development of some kind of deflector, the journey will be thousands of years.

An offset drive generates a field that effectively squeezes the space the ship occupies with a slight offset, the same way a large mass warps space. The offset causes any mass in the field to move in the direction of the offset as it redirects the angular motion to linear motion. Any thing in the field moves together so there is effectively no inertia. Which is why they can zig-zag and stop almost instantaneously. Anything the field encounters is also compressed and shunted long the edge of the field. That is why there is no sonic boom in an atmosphere.

The throw drive is a whole other thing. Think of a star trek transporter on steroids.

The “offset drive” sounds a lot like the Alcubierre metric which has immense practical obstacles, not the least of which is the requirement of Exotic Matter. Do you have any references handy to the throw drive or offset drive?

Only slightly similar. An offset drive only looks to shape space to the degree a small sun would. An Alcubierre drive attempts to shorten space time like an accordion in an attempt to exceed the light limit. An offset only seeks to compress mass enough to reduce the space between particles so it can redirect their motion in one direction. It only requires the energy of a small reactor. The typical speed of an offset ship is only a little above .6 light. Anything above that starts to use too much energy. I’ve never read any detailed speculation of such a drive, though there have been theories concerning the nature of gravity that if true would make the drive possible and feasible.

This brings up a scenario in that if we send men out in space and use a method of suspension on the crew while using just ordinary drives as opposed to warp drives. The chances are when that ship reaches that destination those worlds could already be colonized centuries before by later developed warp drives.

I believe I saw an article about where scientists are working to get a warp drive.

NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive

I suspect they’re in for a long wait. Man still doesn’t understand some of the fundamentals of existence yet that will be required to get to the next step. One of the most important is the nature of gravity.

Material warp drives are totally primitive and totally un-Kool as in not chic any at all.

The warp drives of the future (say) the year 350,000 A.D. will be powered by the
metaphysical Will. The “Captain Kirk” of that time on his the U.S.S. Enterprise Junior
will travel to Andromeda powered by the desire (will) to go there. Lets call this mighty
power the “will drive.”

In the future the metaphysical Will reigns supreme and all material such as gravity meekly
(and instantly) obeys. When launching “will drive” one does not “travel” rather one wills
to be on ** z8_GND_5296 ** and the next half-second, one is there. (“Travel” will be only for
the disenfranchised with defective wills … those poor pitiful creatures). :smile:

When we switch over to “will drive” the light year distance will be irrelevant. A mere 13.1
billion light years will take one half-second as will 300 billion light years.


Astronomers have found a galaxy 13.1 billion light-years from Earth,
making it officially the most distant object ever detected.
A faint, infrared speck of light from this ancient galaxy,
called z8_GND_5296, was spotted using the Hubble Space
Telescope and one of the world’s largest ground-based
telescopes, a ten-meter telescope at Keck Observatory
at the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Astronomers Discover the Most Distant Galaxy Yet


Well, until then we’ll just have to make the best of our time as we travel between the stars. Perhaps a few vintage spirits to while away the hours on those occasions we’re out of stasis.


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I just now saw this. Kool label on that bottle up there.

They’ve gotten rather popular along with the cans in most systems but you can still get the original large bottles in some locations.

I bet this ale is very popular on Romulus and is dearly beloved by the Romulans. I also heard
it was popular on Kronos, even though some Klingon elites objected to it on militaristic
and cultural grounds and said, "pPnuqDaqq ‘oHe puchpa’‘eb’ zqoSlIj tDatIvjaj qoSlIj DatqIvja"
which translated means “This chicken-dooky ale was made by girlie-men for girlie-men.” (It seems
the Romulans are not warrior-aggressive enough for the mighty warrior Klingon species.)

When the Romulans heard what the Klingons said, they replied, “zeke’ uckwazta wqquuhz 'thpat” (which
I will not translate seeing as how this is a family forum and we have ladies here.)

As an aside:

I note the distinction between the:

• Romulans (a fairly aggressive warrior race of :alien:'s)

and the

• Ronulans (those that believe Ron Paul is essential to the
preservation of America or who strongly desire Ron Paul to
become POTUS.)

/Big Grin

Never learned Romlastha, when I tried I thought I was going to lose a lung.

Ronulans are the ones without the pointy ears and certainly don’t look anything like a warrior race. And all the human race needs is another US President with a “hands off, it’s none of our business” foreign policy. Better to send him to Romulus on some trumped up diplomatic mission.

Although most of the letters up there are indeed found in Klingon (there is no upper-case “P”), the usage is somewhat anomalous, and my Klingon dictionary doesn’t have a single one of those “words”… :tongue:



Ronulans are the ones without the pointy ears and certainly don’t look anything like a warrior race.

True, but I think they will kill
you pretty quick nonetheless.

LINK: This ship looks dangerous: Romulan Warbird :cool:

It is said, “The biological cousins of
the Vulcans, Romulans are devious,
paranoid, and militant.”

And all the human race needs is another US President with a “hands off, it’s none of our business” foreign policy.
Better to send him to Romulus on some trumped up diplomatic mission.

Yes amen preach it! :smile:

… lol … I am writing pure science fiction here about non-existent beings. I went to the web and found some
"Klingon" … “words” and then proceeded to “doctor them up” to add some luster to my foolishness and

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

I was once kidnapped by Romulans and taken to San Francisco where I was introduced to their top
politician in the United States, Nan C. Peeloosie. I found him to be very scary and I discovered that
there is indeed a plot underway to make Our Only Hope the permanent King Of America. This is
horrifying. What can be done about this? Keep on voting Republican?



Necropost on the original topic, but I find it amusing that people think a race that would be advanced enough for actual, real interstellar travel wouldn’t already know we are here. Any race that understand physics enough to make viable interstellar travel likely has interstellar mapping technology that FAR FAR outstrips our own.

Humans have been broadcasting signals for years, anyone in the neighborhood who is listening couldn’t help but pick it up. But except as a subject of study, a curiosity, humans are rather insignificant. Perhaps another two or three hundred thousand years of seasoning might change that.

Humm, I don’t know, not so sure about that ↓. Its true that wine and cheese get
tastier with age (reference: your word “seasoning”) but I don’t know for a fact
that the folks on Andromeda and Centaurus A have the patience to wait two or three
hundred thousand years, see below.

Perhaps another two or three hundred thousand
years of seasoning might change that.
(underlined by Jack)

While they’re waiting, the impatient on Andromeda are very
fond of:

Unseasoned Andromeda Human Roast:

• 5 lbs of Boneless Human (pick a thigh-butt cut with a layer of fat if you can)
• 10 Tbsp olive oil
• 18-20 slivers of garlic (8 to 10 cloves, sliced in half or into thirds)
• Salt and pepper to taste

You will need a human-meat thermometer

For the gravy:
Red wine, water, and or beef stock,
corn starch


1 The human should be brought close to room temperature
before you start to roast him so that he cooks more evenly. So,
remove his body from the refrigerator at least 1 hour, preferably
2 hours, before cooking. Sprinkle all sides with salt.

2 Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C). Pat the human roast dry
with paper towels. Use the tip of a sharp knife to make 8 to 10
small incisions around the human roast. Put a sliver of garlic
into each cut. Rub olive oil all over the roast. Sprinkle with salt
and pepper.

3 Place the human roast directly on the middle oven rack, fatty
side up, with a roasting pan to catch the drippings on the rack
beneath it. Placing the human roast directly on the rack like this
with a pan on the rack below creates a convection type environment
in the oven, allowing the hot air to more easily circulate around the
human roast, so you don’t have to turn the human roast as **he
cooks (**human males are preferred on Andromeda and Centaurus A).

Place the human roast fat-side up so that as the fat melts it bathes
the entire roast in flavor.

… lol …


They’ve been eating us for years and I’m personally getting fed up with it.

Edit: That was a recipe off the web that I “doctored up” for funsies.


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