Sick And Tired Of This Cr@p!


Wasn’t sure where to post this?
(If there were such a topic, I’d be inclined to post it in Grief and Mourning!)

As you can see from my Title … I am P!$$ed!

I am receiving calls from unavailable … constantly!
(FIOS digital landline)

As I write this the same call has come 4 times.

It happens at least 15 to 20 times daily!

I have nomorobo through Verizon FIOS but I can’t add ‘unavailable’ to the block list.
(Nomorobo is a Great free robo-blocking service that you don’t have to have verizon to use)

The phone usually rings 3 times and then you hear the sound that usually comes with an early hangup.

(My phone answers on the 5th ring)

I’ve tried the block all unavailable/private option BUT Verizon keeps saying that they couldn’t process my request at this time, please try again later!

(That has been going on for a week now)

There is no way to see what number is calling and it seems that nothing can be done?

Nomorobo catches ALL of the other calls but can’t catch this ‘unavailable’ call!

Just received the call 2 more times!!

Am I the only one that this is happening to?

Thank You.


The call is so strange because it only rings 3 times and then disconnects with which almost sounds like a busy signal?

I was wondering if my number is being used to spoof others with?

I am so tired of this CR@P!


I keep getting robo calls, too, and can’t seem to stop them. I have AT&T. I got one today and the caller ID said “forwarded call”. The guy on the other end said something I couldn’t understand because of a thick, Asian accent. I just hung up after saying “Not interested.”


You may end up having to call support and ask them to enable Anonymous Call Rejection, if you can’t do it through your user panel.


I have Comcast as my internet/telephone/cable TV provider and there is an option where you dial *60 and get the “block calls” and whenever I get a call from “unavailable” or some other fake caller, I just add the number to my “block calls” list. I have the capacity of blocking 25 numbers. When it is full, I delete some of the early blocked calls (usually do not hear from them after that) and just go ahead and block the new number. I usually block all 800, 888, or other “free” calls automatically. I have to say that this item is very, VERY helpful. Try *60 to see if you have that service or call your provider to see if they have that option.


This unavailable call cannot be blocked because there is No Number to block.

I have all of the tools to block incoming calls, including unavailable calls with hidden numbers but This call has no number associated with it at all!


I don’t know how your setup/provider works, but if there isn’t a way to block calls from sources that block caller ID, there should be…


Been getting a repeat call from Jamaica the last two days. I ignore it. It ain’t near as frequent as what you’re experiencing.


I use nomorobo with my Verizon FIOS digital landline.

Neither nomorobo or Verizon’s blocker can block this unavailable call that I get over twenty times a day!

The reason?
There is NO number that is associated with the call and the best guess is that it’s voip generated.


What’s “voip generated?”


I think “voip generated” means that the call is coming from a VOIP line.

Silliessis, giving this to you straight, the phone system is outdated and has a lot of flaws. It’s nearly impossible to trace these calls and block them 100%, especially if they are being routed thru multiple carriers. Also, a lot of carriers just don’t care unless the govt fines them (this has happened before).


I just discovered another option that I had no idea was available and just might work!

I stumbled onto this ‘other option’ on line while searching for my “unavailable” phone call, spammer solution!

I have a Panasonic phone system that previously … unknown to me has a feature called “No Number” Block!

There are three or four ways of blocking incoming calls on this phone system such as: “Out of Area”, “Private”, “Name Only” and others but the No Number block is supposed to block all calls that come in with no number, hidden or just not there!
This is exactly what I need and had no idea that it was available!

It’s not in the phones menu and it’s not in the manual!?

You have to push the # button, enter 240 and click select when asked if you want to block no numbers!

As I said, I stumbled across this on line!

I hope it works because these calls are getting more numerous!

If anyone has a Panasonic phone system and are curious about this, Here is the link to the instructions:
(Ignore the list of phones at the bottom that this is supposed to work with. My phone isn’t listed but I have the option on my phone anyway!)


I don’t know what a “VOIP” line is, either…

Here’s hoping; even without your problem, I get anxious about answering the phone in anticipation of spammers and scammers who don’t give a crud about the national do-not-call list…


Panasonic did it!!!

The 20 to 30 calls a day from no number has come to an end!

I do get other spam calls but those are effectively blocked by nomorobo and Verizon.

It was only those from no number which were impossible to stop!

Fantasy_Chaser, I highly recommend nomorobo for blocking spam calls.

The only calls it could not block were those that come in without a number.

I honestly don’t know HOW you can get a call that has no traceable number but it happens!

Nomorobo is free to home users and if you have one of the carriers, please, please do yourself a favor … check them out!


VOIP = "Voice Over IP (this is not from the University of Google, though I’m sure they have it.)

It’s a call from a computer . . . IOW, it’s THROUGH a computer.


Okay, like over DSL or something. You’d think the phone service provider would allow you to opt in or out of receiving such calls, since any clown on the internet could call you…


It’s a shame you have to rely on your own hardware to get the service you want. I’ll keep that in mind.

A number of years ago, before FiOS was available and before the robo call plague started, I started getting an occasional phone call that was just dead air and then a hang up. I didn’t have caller ID. I complained to Verizon several times and they eventually confessed that there was a technical problem with an automated line tester which they then corrected. (The circuitry is probably totally different now with FiOS.)

Amen! Me too. What a Godsend! The phone rings, I wait, if it doesn’t ring again then I know that it was a hateful robot and Nomorobo handled it for me. When one slips through, I always log into Nomorobo and report it.


I’ll have to try it because even though I have call block and it work pretty well, I still get calls from spammers that just change their telephone number by one digit.