Sillipuddi Has Passed Away

My name is Brenda, I am silli’s sister.
silli or as I know him, Paul has passed away.

I can’t relay to all of you how much hurt I feel or how much you folks have meant to him in this last year.

Paul left many notes as he was getting worse and one of them that he had marked was to this forum.

He asked us (mom and I) to pass on his thoughts.

He said to tell all of you that, he loves you and to not mourn his passing.

He truly believes that he will be resurrected, and that he will see you kind folks again.
I am so heart broken, Paul was exactly what he portrayed in your forum.
He was a special person.
He kept notes on all of his posts.

One thing that I can tell you, Paul was a member of over twenty forums but none of them affected him like you folks.

His notes always led back to here.

I don’t know you people but you must be a special type of folks … silli loved you and that is enough for me!

Paul was 63 years old.
A retired pilot from Delta Airlines.
Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida until he moved away in 1995.
He went to Northeast High School in Oakland Park Florida and then went to the university of Miami.
He served in viet nam.
He was my hero!

I don’t understand computers but I know how I got to your form.
If you don’t mind, I would like to become a member?
My name is brenda and my email is brwvabell at gmail dot com.

You folks meant so much to paul, I can’t thank you enough.


God bless him, and thank you for telling us.

BTW, you can join simply by creating an account.


Rest in Peace


Rest in Peace. It sounds as if Paul made a strong impression on you and made a difference in your life.

I am new as well, easy to join, very open and opinionated forum which is great for those wanting to be engaged in the political process o just general discussion regardless of your country of residence or birth.

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I’m sorry to hear this; I’m glad he’s at peace now. Related to something that Mom said when I told her about this just now, I can imagine him and Jack Hectormann (who passed away earlier this year) in heaven trading RO anecdotes (I don’t really know what heaven is like; I’m looking forward to finding out). Thank you for letting us know.

Please do join; you’ll be very welcome. We’re kind of a mixed (in more ways than one!) bag here; we’ve all got our flaws, of course. But as political sites goes, this one is probably one of the “homier” ones.


My condolences Brenda. Paul was a good man.

This makes two valued members to pass lately. We had one very special young lady a few years ago who also passed. I am wondering about Patricia.

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I am sorry to hear about Paul’s passing, although we knew it was imminent; I will say something here that I said elsewhere, and it was confirmed by another member who saw the same thing. From the time Paul first told us of his condition, and the likelihood that he would not be with us much longer, I watched him draw closer to the Lord, and for that, I praise the Lord, and, as FC said, I imagine him meeting with Jack Hectorman. I hadn’t thought of the idea of them exchanging RO anecdotes, but the idea doesn’t really surprise me.


Sillipuddi will be missed. I enjoyed his input. I’m sure everyone here will remember him as a friend, even if we only knew him online.


When I saw this, I hoped it was a joke and looked to see if Silli started the thread, then as I opened it I was afraid for the worst, I am truly saddened over this, anytime a soldier passes away soldiers feel the pain.

Sadly another Vietnam veteran has died and while I do not know what he died from (if anyone knows I would appreciate the info) I know he died too young. MY suspicion is the link between him and Vietnam is far stronger than anyone especially the govt knows or wants us to know. I see my own health and its ties to Agent Orange…as they told us it was they were only spraying for mosquitos so we stood out in it, made sure we got plenty on us so we would not get malaria…


He died of cancer. If you would search his posts, you could find where he first told us of it. And if you follow them, you could see how his intense fear of death - which he expressed at the beginning - lessened the closer he got to it- and the closer he got to the Lord.

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Always enjoyed Silli’s posts as he seemed to always keep the perspective of this world being a place we were just passing through, and not taking root in.

Gonna miss him!!

Truth be known, I do sometimes get a bit envious of folk like him, since they are through with this sick society and are now in a place of SINLESS existence.

I know y’all mis him, but remember that God can give you that peace that passes understanding even with the pain of your loss.


What sad news. Rest in peace Sillipuddi.

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So sad to hear of Silli’s passing. There are two huge holes now in RO. I have been missing Jack especially lately because, as he stated many times, this is his favorite time of the year. It’s mine, too. So, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. Please join! You will find RO very comforting. I have gone through some tough times myself of late and being here with my cyber friends has helped immensely. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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What terrible news! Sillipuddi was one of my favorites here and he’d be sorely missed! :angel:

I, too, am a Vietnam vet. I worked my regular volunteer shift last night at the airport and counted over 80 new recruits coming through on their way to basic training at Fort Sill! Hopefully, our legacy continues. Please join us. Simply register and you’re in. Thanks for passing on this news.

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Thank you for telling us…oh dear, I am so sorry. I knew he wasn’t well, and I didn’t realize how short his time was.

Danggit…I’m so sorry.

Please join us! We’d love to have you here.

Very unhappy purrs,

Brenda, so sad to hear of your and your family’s loss! Sillipuddi was indeed a much loved member, so in the online sense we share a little of your loss. As you find time, logout from Paul’s account and go through the registration process.

BTW, I edited your email address in your opening post. I did this so you don’t get bunches of spam emails, but in a way that folks here might still be able to contact you.


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Thank you, sir!


I’m so sorry for your loss.

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I was just getting to know him and this makes me very sad.
So sorry for your loss.

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