Sillipuddi Has Passed Away

As I have said on a number of occasions, If one knows Christ, one may ‘Pass on’ but one is never lost. Paul has moved to his new home and now rejoices with Christ. Brenda if you are reading these notes know that Paul was special to all of us. I personally enjoyed our little discussions. We all here at RO are family, and now so are you part of this family, come join us and may God bring you His special Comfort and Peace and to your families.


RIP. There is a paradise where there are no trolls and no spam. There are no sad emoticons and no perversion. There is no need for a Hall of Shame because there is only unspeakable joy and delight. But most of, there we may dwell forever in the prescence of Someone better than an admin. He is Sovriegn and Almighty and Perfect and Holy and He is everywhere all the time for eternity. He sent His Son so that we may be caught up in the air and meet all we have lost. And there will be new bodies and new heaven and new earth. There you cannot strike the wall and die; you cannot catch cancer or disease; you cannot be shot and killed. And surely on that day all of us who are prepared shall dwell in the prescence of a perfect God for as long as time goes on. Amen.


I corresponded with him both here and on . I will miss him, as will others. I am also sorry he had to go through such travail at the end.


Brenda, please join us - we would be honored to have you. Your brother was a very valued contributor to this board and I am very sad to hear of his passing.


Even when we have never seen each other in real life it is always hard to accept a person passing. especially when you converse with that person on a, almost, daily basis. That silence when you await a reply can be overbearing. I value all the friendships, and rivalries, I have made here on RO. You are all a part in my life and have helped me shape my personal convictions. That is a debt I can never repay.

RIP sillipuddi


Seravee, that is exactly what I tried to say in another thread. We forget that our images are only one small part of who we are. It is relatively unimportant–which many of us experience here. I’m still worried about Bobjam as he has not been around for months. If anyone has heard from him or knows if he’s ok, please let us know on RO.

BTW, all of your friendships are important to me. I look forward to reading all of your comments, even those which I don’t agree. God bless you all, and to Sillipuddi, I hope you’re having a good ol’ time with your buddies in Heaven! We’ll see you soon!


Still catching up here. Sorry so late…does anyone know how he got his screen name? There HAS to be a story behind it! If anyone knows, it would be great if it could be shared.


I am really late to this. I remember his name and the fact that he posted here. I missed that he passed. I am so glad he left word to family members to let us know what happened. I’m so sorry for your loss and his passing is a loss to the forum too. I’m sure he touched many lives in real life and on the internet. Thanks so much for letting everyone know.

Thank You Caroline.

Silli (Paul) was truly one of a kind!

He was a true believer that had his faith tested towards the end but as the end came … he was a Rock!

Brenda, you probably saw posts that a couple of us made telling how we could see Paul draw closer to God as the time grew shorter. He was a blessing on this site.