Simple question

Voting in US Federal Elections.

  1. Right

  2. Privilege

How about this choice:

  1. Crime, violence, mental and physical intimidation, and submission to the state.

  2. Freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

The thugs and goons are in your camp, Mr. Brown. The honest, hard working people are in ours.

You should be ashamed of the conduct that we see from your party’s supporters. They are so angry and trigger happy now that they are shooting little children with no provocation. I know that you are either too embarrassed or supportive of these people, so you need not answer this post.

Start your own thread.

BTW, these are your supporters (warning NSFW strong language)

You posed a question; I gave you and answer. What’s you problem, except for the fact it’s not what you want to hear?

If you are a U.S. citizen (criminal records get involved with it some states), voting is a right, but it is not a privilege that is extended to those who are not citizens, and you are not “privileged” to vote more than once.


context context context.

Voting is a privilege and you have to meet certain qualifications in order to exercise it. You have to be a citizen. You have to be over 18 years of age. You have to have registered to vote in the precinct in which you reside and you have to be free of felony convictions and NOT residing in a penal institution somewhere–though the dim-wits are trying to change even THAT.

Voting is a Right of citizens over the age of 18 who have not conducted themselves in such a manner as to lose that Right as determined by a court of law.

In order to protect the Right to vote it is the governments responsibility to enact checks that can reasonably mitigate the problem of people voting who do not possess this Right; voter fraud diminishes the power of the votes cast by those who have the Right to vote and is therefore a crime.

Nobody has the Right to vote without inconvenience, some inconvenience is necessary to protect the integrity of the voting process and the Rights of legal voters.

Voting is never a privilege, it is either a Right possessed by a citizen or a Right that has been sacrificed by a citizen via their own actions; it is never a Right or a privilege for any non citizen.


So voting is a right granted to you by government? Or it’s a right you have and there are condition under which you can lose it? Or you never had it in the first place, for example not a citizen.

But we know there is a balance to be maintained here, right? Not that I necessarily disagree, but I want to know where the line is, in your opinion, between necessary inconvenience and using requirements as a way to gain political advantage?

I mean, I think you might agree the opposite is also true, making it so easy in an effort to gain political advantage.

Democrats full well know the positives of that.

I understand you see it that way. Others see it the other way around, where Republicans make it harder, not to “secure” elections, rather for political gain.

I’ll be honest where so many are not.

I think there are people on both sides that say they are for securing access (Dems) or securing the vote ('Pubs) and are really looking for political gain.

I know you all know for a fact I’m wrong and only Dems would do things for political gain and Republicans are pure as the white driven snow.

LOL so… you are admitting that dems are looking for political gain knowing full well they are getting votes for giving free stuff and repugs are trying to secure the vote so that no one who is not entitled to vote doesn’t get to do it one to six times.

I don’t suppose you can see the difference in that.

You apparently have a reading problem. I said the vote is a PRIVILEGE to be exercised by those who are eligible. It’s a privilege that one can LOSE under certain conditions and therefore is NOT a “right.”

Republicans don’t want to make it HARDER to vote, just to make it so that ONLY those who are eligible to vote can. Democrats, on the other hand, want to make it EASY to scam the system by inventing things to prevent a secure vote such as “vote by mail,” same-day registrations, opposing voter ID and allowing voter “assistance” by Democrat operatives.


No, that’s not what I said.

I said Dems and Pubs look for ways to leverage the system for political gain. Pubs aren’t just trying to secure the system. Republicans have admitted they don’t want everyone that is eligible to vote to vote and they have no interest in seeing it that way…

No reading problem, you didn’t say it correctly.

Do you think about your right to free speech or the right to own a firearm as a privilege?

You can have your right to free speech taken as well as your right to own a firearm. These rights aren’t absolute.

These things are rights because you are assumed to have them, no one grants them to you. As a citizen you are born with them. You can lose them, but they definitely aren’t privileges as that presumes they they were granted to you…They are not.

Where in the Constitution does it say that everyone has a “right” to vote? It doesn’t. However, it DOES say that I have a right to keep and bear arms and a right to free speech.

Whoh, whoh there…

Are you really saying, in so many words that if something isn’t enumerated in the Constitution that it’s a privilege?

I think we all agree that the Constitution enumerates, clearly, our rights and without an amendment of the Constitution those rights are ours and the government cannot take them away.

The fact that voting isn’t explicitly spelled out as a right for everyone, rather we’ve had 7 of the 17 amendments that deal with voting rights, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to vote of that it’s a privilege. I can think of a lot of things I do that isn’t enumerated in the Constitution that I think are my right, regardless of whether it is explicitly stated in the Constitution.

Of course, rights aren’t absolute. Even the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren’t absolute as the government can all of those rights away under certain conditions.

That said, I think we could really use an amendment that affirms the right to vote and spells out specifically what that right entails.

Voting would only be a “right” if everyone living in the country could vote…and they never have been able to do so. In fact, it took Constitutional Amendments to confer that privilege on former slaves, Native Americans and even Women. We STILL don’t allow even LEGAL aliens to vote in our elections. You must be a CITIZEN–natural born or naturalized–in order to exercise that franchise and you must be felony-free, over the age of 18, and not confined in a mental institution.

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