site a little slow this morning?

a couple of my posts haven’t made it yet into my profile (at last glance). not a big deal at all, but haven’t noticed that happening before. is the site a little slower this morning?

Not in my experience, Patricia.

Seems to be moving along for me; I just got on at about the time you started this thread.

[quote=“Pappadave, post:2, topic:45817”]
Not in my experience, Patricia.
[/quote] the posts are there now. took maybe 10-15 minutes tho. probably never happen again…

I’m good now too. must have been a fluke. I seem to a “fluke rod” on this site. (and many other sites, not all on the internet.)

Something’s going on I don’t understand. Up until today, my e-mail would alert me to new posts on those threads in which I was a participant. For some reason, it’s no longer doing that. Anyone know why?

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I’m receiving emails still. Check your spam or junk folder to see if they were filtered.

[quote=“WhoIsJohnGalt, post:7, topic:45817”]
I’m receiving emails still. Check your spam or junk folder to see if they were filtered.
[/quote] I am not receiving emails from RO either, even in my spam folder.

Neither have I–and it started yesterday. Still have not received any email alerts.

Same here, since Saturday. I usually find them in the spam folder when this occurs but not this time. The last RO email I got was the notice that Tapatalk was now enabled.

Same here, RET. I received an email about tapatalk, too. But, that was it. In addition, I received notification that I had 3 “Thanks” and when I got to the thanks page, every single one was lit up as if I hadn’t clicked on them for months.

I don’t recall seeing anything about “tapatalk”, whatever that is. Just noticed early Monday AM that I was no longer getting e-mail notices–not even in my “spam” or “trash” folders. None.

Got the “tapatalk” message this AM. I don’t HAVE a “smartphone” and don’t ever intend to get one, so I guess I’m not going to be around here any longer. Sorry folks. Good luck.

Dave, Tapatalk is an app that lets users of smart phones use discussion forums like RO more easily. It won’t affect the usability of RO to people using computers. I haven’t gotten any email about Tapatalk being usable on RO, yet, anyway, but I suppose email distribution speed can vary.

Two or three other forums I frequent can be accessed with Tapatalk, but I’ve not downloaded the app onto my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or iPhone 4S (both 2 or more years old). I don’t use RO with my iPhone, and the 10.1" display on the Galaxy Tab is large enough to be usable without whatever Tapatalk does. Posting on those forums works as well from my computer and Galaxy Tab as it does here on RO. I don’t think computer users will even see any reference to Tapatalk, even as a banner ad. I think the site SW senses what sort type of device one is using and will only display something about Tapatalk to some one using iOS or Android (some news and opinion sites do this as well, and have special simplified versions of their site that are easier for mobile devices to use. And iOS and Android users can forego Tapatalk and still use RO or whatever discussion site has Tapatalk enabled.

Fine, Pete, but I rely on e-mail notifications when someone else has posted here and, apparently, this “APP” doesn’t allow that to happen any longer. I will NOT download anything I don’t understand thoroughly and I haven’t the least clue what “tapatalk” is or how it’s supposed to work.

As to lack of email notifications, it’s a feature I’ve not used, but check your setting for Messaging and Notifications, User CP —> Settings —> General Settings. Look to see if the Default Thread Subscription Mode has somehow gotten reset to “Do not subscribe” from whichever “use email” option you had set it.

Geesh, Dave, give me a chance to comment on issues one at a time. I still have not received the email about Tapatalk. Does it specifically state that email notifications will be disabled? For all users?

I just looked at one of the other discussion sites I use that has Tapatalk enabled and uses vBulletin forum SW (which is what RO uses), and I have the same Default Thread Subscription Mode options there as I have here.

As for the Q in the OP title, I had normal performance all day Sunday, yesterday, and this AM. I wasn’t on RO as much yesterday as on Sunday or this AM, so maybe there was something I missed yesterday. FWIW, no notifications on the Mods’ forum of any “housecleaning”.

FWIW, because multiple members have reported problems with email notifications I’ve also brought this up in the Mods’ forum, using a function that should draw JG’s and Zedd’s attention directly to my post…

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I haven’t changed any settings whatsoever on my PC or on my registration with RO. I deleted the tapatalk notification since I have no intention of using its links to “download” anything, so I can’t speak to your question about whether or not it tells you about e-mail notifications being disabled.