Site disappears in the search pages

Friends, I realize, I have not been here for quite some time, but health issues seem to keep me on the run. However another member brought to my attention, she could not find this site on the search pages and looking myself, couldn't find it. However, a few minutes ago, on a whim, I looked again and , by golly, there you are.
However, I notice few are on here and conversations are limited, and it seems a while back (could be a year or more) There was just as little action. I know when we strike a hot button issue, we pretty much preach to the choir, because mods do chase the liberal voice off. However that too, I understand, because most of them can get pretty nasty, and sometimes I can react in kind.
For this Forum to be viable again, what can be done? I looked around and note the moderator seems to have taken a vacation or just left. Who IS running this forum, and what is its aim? I hope somebody responds, and with meaningful dialog, maybe this can reignite, especially in the wake of the liberal takeover of the media and the message to the people.

Welcome back njc, I daresay this site is badly in need of more participation, some threads devolve into food fights.

Welcome back, NJC!

Good to be back, health and time are the enemy now. On my second pacemaker, and it seems to be doing quite well. And although retired since 2010, old clients seem to be finding me, and organizations I have been with, also have put me in charge, so as I close in on 80 years of age (next year), I am busier now that I was years ago. A couple of old members here have asked me where this site was, and for a while I couldn’t find it, but I’ll let them know. It seems the conservative voice is being squelched and we need to broaden our platform.