Six lies the dems/media want you to believe about CV19

  1. China bears no responsibility for this pandemic.

  2. All are equally at risk, young/old/sick’well

  3. This epidemic is like a war. Some rights have to be suspended for national security.

  4. Masks and social distancing work.

  5. the Economy is the price we have to pay to fight this deadly contagion.

  6. The shutdown doesn’t favor one party over the other.

All Lies.

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Except that if they totally wreck the economy, they can blame Trump.

I also believe this is the plan. I just don’t think they can get away with it. Too much discussion on too many sites and programs. I think it’s more likely there will be a revulsion against Democrats. Even Democrats won’t vote for Democrats.

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hoping you’re right @BruceDeitrickPrice