Size of posted Photos?


I have noticed within the past month that the photos that I post from photobucket end up about half the size. This happens on more than one forum. Therefore, I’m inclined to believe it’s something to do with photobucket.

The best example on this forum is when I post the “Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!” photo of the old TV show Welcome back Kotter. You will notice that the last one is about half the size (or more) as the previous one. It is the same source file.

This thread has my most recent post of this photo.

This is the **same post **from about one year ago.

This demonstrates a size difference that I can’t explain. Perhaps, there is info in the source links that can reveal why they are different in size even though they come from the same source file from the same site.


they are different links


The change must have occurred at photobucket because I have changed nothing in my account.


the original photo was named kotter3 and the smaller one was named th_kotter3

so if it happens on another photo look for something like that and you can edit the link that you post


That “th” means it’s a thumb-nail.


ah, I dont use photobucket. I put all my images on imageshack


Testing with one of my Clam images (they’re on Photobucket):

Seems okay. If it’s a change with Photobucket, it hasn’t affected our account.


I was always curious as to where the clams came from…now I know.


I frequently have to resize photos. I sometimes post posts from links which are too large so I have to copy it and paste it to photos in windows and then use paint to resize it so it is within limits.


You may have had the link available for the thumbnail, and clicked on it instead of the “regular” one.



On edit: I posted the photo and it was small. I edited it by taking the 'th_" off of it. It went back to regular size.

I don’t know what the deal is with photobucket. I changed nothing but it inserts crap like this.



On edit: It seems that photobucket change which selection I should make to keep it normal sized.

Thanks to all for the input.