Slow server?

Hey John,

Lately, my screen has been panting slowly while on RO ONLY . . . and it’s SPORADIC, so I can’t necessarily duplicate the problem to tell you what the triggers might be.

Sometimes it’s lightening fast, and other times it struggles. Seems to be mostly during peak activity times during the day, so maybe that’s a clue.

At first, I thought maybe it was my browser or connection. But I’ve tried other websites . . . they paint fine . . . and other browsers, and I get exactly the same behavior with RO only.

Have you recently added more cookies or advertising data that the server wants to “transfer” before the packet is complete?

Or is it just perhaps a slow server bogged down with too much member data?

Or do I need to look into this more on my end? (Though I’m out of ideas.)

CTRL+F4 works for me every time.

[quote=“Gov101, post:2, topic:43299”]
CTRL+F4 works for me every time.
[/quote]That simply closes the browser. When you reopen the browser, the slow behavior returns.

Are you sure? OK next delete all the pornography from your computer.

[quote=“Gov101, post:4, topic:43299”]
OK next delete all the pornography from your computer.
[/quote]Bad joke . . . and I’m assuming you were trying to make a joke.

No new cookies from RO. I’ll look into it and would like to know if anyone else is suffering as well.

Site works fine for me it seems. What browser are you using Bob jam?

[quote=“Gov101, post:7, topic:43299”]
Site works fine for me it seems. What browser are you using Bob jam?
[/quote]Now this morning it’s fine . . . no painting the screen issues at all. Slick and speedy.

I’m using Firefox primarily, though I do switch back and forth with Opera and Chrome. As I said, same random screen painting problem with them.

I am on Ubuntu, and this morning I DID run “Ubuntu Tweak” and “Bleach Bit” (both housekeeping utilities, like “Cleanup” in Windoze), cleaned out quite a bit of cruft . . . so maybe that was it.

We’ll see later today . . . if the symptom returns I’m not so sure it’s on my end, but for now I’m inclined to think it was just my untidy machine.

Edit: And I don’t have or use any fancy graphics adapters, so I don’t think it is (was?) a graphics issue.

Only when I’m typing a messages does my browser slow down here…

Im thinking its the NSA!


Hey John,

It appears, at the moment anyway (watch now, I’ll jinx this by saying this), that the problem I was having was on MY END. Since I’ve done the housekeeping I referred to in post#8, I haven’t seen the problem again.

Fingers crossed . . . and I hope this was a “neverrrrr mindddd” by a foolish old crank.

(May give me a “Chicken Little . . . sky is falling” rep now.)

I had the same problem yesterday, but I always attribute it to either my computer or my internet provider. Also, just now on “brain dead girl” thread, I received an email notification that “unregistered guest” has replied to this thread and that Bobjam responded to the unregistered guest’s comments. However, they are nowhere to be found on the thread. Something seems to be amiss on RO.

Here is the actual email notification:

Dear ClassicalTeacher,

Unregistered has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Brain-Dead Girl’s Mother: “She’s Still Asleep” - in the Family Issues forum of Conservative Republican Discussion Forums.

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Brain-Dead Girl’s Mother: “She’s Still Asleep”

Here is the message that has just been posted:

—Quote (Originally by BobJam)—
Yes, it was Helicobacter pylori.

While the scientific community embraces this now:

H. pylori: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and More (H. pylori: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and More)

Whose to say that in one year, fifty years, or one hundred fifty years from now that notion will be turned on it’s head and those that promoted it will be viewed as flat earthers by the scientific community of THAT DAY.

My point is that the two most dangerous words in the English language are: . . . “studies show”.

But to the scientific community, these two words become “gospel” when the calcified brains of scientists embrace them. It is in the nature of science to move slow and deliberately . . . and that’s fine and as it should be.

But one of the unintended consequences of that behavior is that new theories are resisted until science catches up with it. And the old boy network is faced with the reality that they were wrong all their lives. What results is NOT a conspiracy, but a resistance that is only part of human nature . . . and scientists, for all their claims of objectivity, are humans at the core.

Some fifty years ago, I had textbooks in Organic, Inorganic, and P-Chem. Just about every page of those textbooks now have something “not accepted” . . . thus “revisions” and “new editions”.

The history of science is littered with the bodies of what were once viewed as “crackpots”, and Barry Marshall, an Australian doctor who first published his theories on H. pylori in 1982, was once on that list.

Did scientists ridicule him or did they show the proper amount of skepticism? That will be argued as long as science exists.

Bottom line, today’s theory of evolution, no matter how long it’s been “around”, is vulnerable to the same flaws in human nature (science.)

  • Einstein
    —End Quote—
    SUPER POST BobJam!

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And here’s another email notification for a different thread with “unregistered guest” not showing up.

Dear ClassicalTeacher,

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Whites not allowed

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Black prom night, BET, etc are put in place because everything is always just white. Turn on your Cable TV. Flip through all 1000 channels. Each channel you come across turn the persons color to Black or Hispanic if they are white. I’m pretty sure you will notice something that’s be the norm for way to long. It’s like that all over the United States with everything here. Everything caters to white people. Trust me when I say that ethnic population has always had to put ourselves out there because a lot of whites like yourself only see yourself as an important part of this nation. Change should have happened alonggggg time ago. Eventually most of u will die off and this country can be the great country that it was designed to be not what you soley think it should be based only on you social political point of view. The work didn’t evolve around white America and don’t you ever forget it! Only put red to post! A blend of all colors should be on the election map.

Your neighborhood field negro

—Quote (Originally by Pappadave)—
There are FAR more liberal racists than there are conservative racists, BF. Maybe YOU should take a crash course in English composition and learn that when someone MEANS “only,” they usually WRITE “only.” Schools all over the East and West coasts host “Black Prom Night” restricted to black students only. Can you just IMAGINE the reaction if Anglos held a “Whites Prom Night” restricted to whites only? The dome of the Capitol building would be shattered by the screams of outrage and a bunch of school administrators would be out on their collective asses looking for work in another field!
—End Quote—

Something isn’t right.

I haven’t had a chance to look, but it’s possible that those notifications for “unregistered guest” might be for posts that haven’t been moderated yet. The notification software doesn’t know the difference. It’ll show up on mine and any of the mods’ pages for that thread.

Except that I clicked on the link and it didn’t show anything for me, either. Might be that it’s your link (instead of a mod), or it might be that the post was disapproved. A thread like that might have attracted unregistered trolls. Mods, did you encounter anything like that?

It seems that only the email notifications from the “unregistered guest” wouldn’t come through. All the other ones have. Thanks for checking, FC!