Smart Bird Shat on Biden

Bird Shat on Biden, Bird Salutes Putin

If you missed it, a bird shat on Biden during his public address in Iowa yesterday.
Given Biden’s proclivity to blame Putin for his woes, how will he blame Putin for the bird? A video surfacing today might help.

Biden not only has the majority of Americans upset but he has the birds mad too.
In his recent speech in Iowa, Biden started to blame the current inflation crisis on Russia, and just as he started to blame shift his administration’s faults on Russia a bird pooped all over his blue suit.
After the patriotic bird made his mark, Biden took no notice, and even after the event he still mingled with staffers and others as if there wasn’t bird poo on him.

Biden probably though it was a contribution from a rural supporter. He shouldn’t have very many of those, but in his mental state he probably thinks that any “contribution form heaven” is good.

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He is use to seeing pudding dripped on his jacket