Jez add some Smileys you have just 15.

Your smileys don’t even include a simple “smile” or a “wink”, or frown, embarrassed, etc, etc.

Should be more than 15. Did you look at advanced posting options?

There are 77 smileys to choose from on this site

Yeah, when the smileys come up when you post, there is a “more” option.

Ah, got it.
Don’t use the menu bar smileys use the ones on the right in advanced.

What are the rules on personal smilies. Ones you get for free or store yourself or buy? And posting pictures???

I don’t know about any specific rules about either. I have my own smiley software. I bought it originally, but they eventually discontinued, because it became unprofitable, because smileys are so easy to find. But it’s more of an organizer, than a supply of smilies. I don’t know if you can find it online yet or not, but I found it after I changed computers. You can find it some places where they provide freeware. It’s called “Smileypad.” It “hides” on the side of your screen until you touch it with the cursor. A few smilies come with it, but they don’t “work” because they are actually a link, and the sources no longer exist. I have mine all loaded in photobucket, and I have them linked to smiley pad. It can be a bit cumbersome loading them on to smiley pad, but it’s a really handy tool. There is a sticky thread about it in the tech forum - “Smileys at your fingertips.”

Thanks Susanna, I have much the same. I have PhotoBucket and I bought a program called “Get Smile” years ago that is clickable. You just load your smilies into PB and then transfer the url to the program. My question was more on the order of - can we use them here?

  1. For my own personal smilies, semi-smilies and other images, I have the IMG codes stored on a document, and I C&P when I want to post one.
  2. Oh yeah. There are a number available when you post (you have to click “Go Advanced” to get the full range of them). The only limits are number per post (I think it’s a total of eight images and/or smilies; that’s not counting if you want to add an icon (from the available selection) that appears in the “title” of the post), and keep it in good taste.

Does this include personal pictures? I hope I’m not being dense here, but some forums don’t like you to post pictures or videos and the ones that allow them have size limits.

We haven’t had any hassles about any of that. Of course, it makes sense to limit the size of your pictures so they will show up in one “piece.” And there used to be a limit on the size of avatars. There isn’t a limiting software on them right now, but people who come in with huge avatars are “encouraged” to make them a reasonable size. And there is a limit of 8 images in one post. That is built into the software (although the admin can change it).

Thanks so much Susanna ~ that answers my question(s). Every forum has different rules and regs, and since I’m new here, I want to be sure I abide by the rules.

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