SNC to build Space Stations for U.S. Military

I work for this company (Sierra Nevada Corporation) yet I didn’t know about this until this news announcement.

The module is something we’ve been working to put on the back of Dreamchaser so it can haul extra cargo to the ISS, and serve as a glorified dumpster that would fall back into the atmosphere and burn up.

There was talk about making it an artificial laboratory in connection to the ISS, or even a satellite, but I guess military ambitions work too.

In other news, China tried for the 3rd time to launch a rocket this year, and failed.

It was a commercial company using retired solid rocket boosters.

Their Government spends $75 Billion to get 5G first, but couldn’t spare, like, $1-2 Billion to develop an affordable liquid booster worth writing home about? The Indians managed it somehow.

… doesn’t bar military troops from being based in space, …
I think I saw that movie. It didn’t make sense. It’s a lot easier to fight on earth.

A number of years ago I read about a private company that was working on inflatable orbiting hotels to support space tourism. But I haven’t heard anything about it since.

That’s Bigelow aerospace; they made a prototype that they attached to the ISS several years ago.

They were working hard on building out modules that would have dwarfed the ISS in terms of volume.
Despite having a really good concept, they didn’t go after NASA’s Commercial Station contract, citing it was too little money. They were planning on going after some future contract with more money attached, possibly related to helping to build a hab on or around Mars. Or even something connected to LOP-G, the Lunar space station.

My understanding though is that COVID really hit Bigelow hard, and they laid off nearly all their workforce back in March. The owners said they’re just waiting for things to get better.

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