Snitches names leaked online

Snitches get stiches…

Via Daily Mail:

Hundreds of people have been exposed for reporting people who have flouted social distancing rules and some are now scared they could receive a backlash.

The names and addresses of approximately 900 people in Missouri were released as part of a media request under the Sunshine Law, which allows for the release of information submitted to a public agency (except for wrongdoing and abuse tips).

St. Louis County had urged the community to share details of anyone not following guidelines in response to the coronavirus pandemic and noted in the terms and conditions that information may be shared publicly.

However some people may not have read the small print submitted tips via an online form and email from the end of March.

Many had asked for their communications to remain private.

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Haha! Retribution is at hand!


Snitching is UNAmerican.

Actually not, Caroline. If you see a crime being committed, you are morally OBLIGATED to report it to whatever authority is applicable. The police CANNOT function without the cooperation of the law-abiding population.

I don’t mean crime. I mean turning americans in such cases where they are infringing on our rights.

Thats not the same as the fascist/communist style snitching, ratting out neighbors for no good reason, like they did in Germany and the Soviet Union.

These rat snitches witnessed no LAW being broken

I almost always agree with you @popadave, but in this case, it the law is wrong or passed for the purpose of enforcing draconian rules, civil disobedience is in order.

If I lived in New York City, heaven forbid, I sure would not be snitching to help “Comrade Bill DeBlazeo” the communist mayor.

My fence was taken out in my front yard years ago by a driver late nite/early am. He took off. I reported it to the police. So it sits. Within days I had this guy come to my house and said his friend did it and wanted to pay for it. I said fine. I let him replace it and I kept it to myself. Why? Couple reasons. 1. My fence got fixed and if I had turned him in… they’d have fined him and my fence wouldn’t have been fixed. 2; it was made right. I wasn’t going to cause him any more grief for doing the right thing.

I don’t call the law on neighbors. Even if they are A’holes. They turn me in for my trees shedding leaves in the fall. LOL Sometimes people have nothing better to do than monitor their neighbors.

You have those “A’holes” too? Our next door neighbor won’t speak to us despite the fact that we monitored his house after he bought it and was getting it fixed up (At one point they put in the wrong water heater which would have blown up if it had been connected.) and spent $3,000 on gutters to keep water out of his yard. Our neighbors told us we were nuts to do it.

Why is he angry at us? We have a magnolia tree that sheds leaves on his driveway. He wants us to cut it down despite the fact that you would need permits from the country to it. It is healthy and not diseased, which would makes getting the permits is a bear. Plus, he expects us to foot the bill. We lived there first. He needs to buy a house with 5 acres of land around it that he can control himself.

We hired an arborist to trim some limbs for us. As soon as he saw the arborist arrive, he comes bounding out of his house shouting, “Are you going to cut this “effing” tree down?”

“No," the tree surgeon answered, "because it’s not on the “effing” workorder!” He could not believe that this guy was such a jerk.

My wife and I don’t think that this guy’s elevator goes to the top. Unfortunately, he and his wife has a license to carry so we try to tread softly around him. The guy has told neighbors he’s been everything from a chief of police to a Secret Service agent. I’d say he’s mostly out of his mind. Maybe next week he’s tell them he was a jet pilot. We actually have a couple of those in the neighborhood who fly planes for major airlines.

Where do these people come from. They must be related.

I call my neighbor Gladys Kravitz only to friends and family.

he used to call me something on facebook that resembled a Nazi general’s name. I ignored him and pretended I didn’t know.

I just want him to leave me alone. He walks his dog in the middle of the road. I nearly hit him once. He does it on purpose.

We had a neighbor who was the neighborhood busy-body though she never harmed anyone with her nosiness. Most of our neighbors are nice people. I used to have a strip along the curb that was what’s known as “cheat” here. The neighbor to the east of us is allergic to “cheat” pollen and would cut it down every time he cut his own lawn. Frankly, I didn’t mind.

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I’ve not heard that term ‘cheat’. What does that mean.

As I understand it. It LOOKS something like Bermuda grass, but isn’t. Therefore, it “cheats.”

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I never get involved with neighbors. I keep to myself. I’ve had my experiences with nosey neighbors and those who, for whatever reason, felt it necessary to make my life a bit more difficult. My landlord in Chicago was a Croatian and the guy next to us was Serbian. My landlord would get drunk and scream at this old Serbian man next door all kinds of insults and such. My landlord was very good to me, but he definitely had a problem with the neighbors.

That nosy-neighbor to whom I referred above was a sweet little old lady. She and my wife became good friends and after she and her 90+year old husband sold their house (at below market rates, BTW) and moved to Atlanta where their daughter lives, they’ve stayed in touch by phone and mail, talking frequently. Frankly, I’m afraid that my wife has taken up her former position as the neighborhood busy-body. She frequently stands in the den and stares out the window to see what neighbors are up to. One thing they both (the lady and her husband) LOVED were the toasted pecan halves that I make every year around Christmas and give out to neighbors. I toast them in the microwave with butter, salt and a dash of cinnamon. They are VERY popular around here and our son in Florida hoards them himself so they’ll last unto the Summer each year. We mailed a quantity of them to our former neighbors in Atlanta this year and you could almost hear her squeal of delight here in Oklahoma City!

I hear you. I know who my neighbors are and I am cordial…but I don’t visit for coffee. Some I am friendlier with than others… When I get the idea they don’t want to talk, I keep my distance as well. We had a couple really nice neighbors who would walk through the neighborhood praying in the road at each house and I did appreciate that. Still…my neighbor right across the road…I avoid him.

I have another female neighbor down at the entrance to our neighborhood. Yeah…she’s crazy…but I KNOW that. LOL She likes to pick fights sometimes… but I know how to handle her now.