Snowflake Mitch McConnell has no intention to repeal Obamacare


See: McConnell rejects Trump’s advice to repeal ObamaCare now, replace later

”Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting President Trump’s suggestion on how the Senate could promptly pass its ObamaCare overhaul measure – by immediately repealing the 2010 heath care law and replacing it later.”

Mitch McConnell refuses to put a clean bill up for vote to repeal Obamacare because he doesn’t want to force his socialist snowflake Republican pals in the Senate to be on record voting against repealing Obamacare.


Millions of citizens have lost their health-care under Obamacare, and many more millions now cannot use Obamacare because of Obamacare’s outrageous premiums and deductibles. Repeal and replace Obamacare with nothing, and repeal McCarran-Ferguson.***


The fact of the matter is this: The Republican Party is held hostage by liberal Republicans - think “the Susan Collins Wing” and many so-called “moderate Republicans” (think McCain, Jeff Flake, John Thune). These Republican members in the Senate, along with their counterparts in the House, view a powerful central government as the necessary key to problem solving in many areas of people’s lives, including health insurance/health services - with increasingly less reliance placed on free market forces.

To be fair, after nearly 8 years of Obamacare, during which time large government subsidies were provided, along with the dramatic expansion of federally subsidized Medicaid programs, the Republicans are confronted with a large block of voters who refuse to give up their newly minted “entitlements”. Once people get freebies (defined as benefits paid for by others), they are loathe to give them up. That said, let’s be honest - Republicans needed desperately to stand together and do the right thing, even if it meant risking their seats in Congress. Sadly and completely contrary to the will of the people who sent them and Trump to Washington, with very few exceptions they have refused to show any courage or conviction.

The provisions of the various iteration of health insurance “reforms” being kicked around by Republicans in both the House and now the Senate, are pure crap. As a result of this cruel farce, I have lost all hope that anything meaningful/beneficial will come of “replace and repeal”. I see no real repeal and scant little replacement.

After 7.5 years of House Republicans repeatedly voting to repeal - when they knew under Obama and a Democrat controlled Senate their votes didn’t count - then only to run and hide from a repeal vote now when it really matters - and on top of that, not have a repeal/replace plan ready to go this past January as congressional Republicans had boasted, tells me all I need to know.

Without a complete about face on this issue by congressional Republicans I’ll be staying home in November 2018. These son of a bitches aren’t worth my time or my money - and rest assured they will get neither.


The vast majority of people in the United States were content and happy with their health-insurance plans and care prior to Obamcare.

Having said that, why are our snowflake Republicans not complaining about the millions upon millions of lazy able bodied slugs, parasites and foreigners who have invaded our borders and now demand others to pay for their health-care needs? If McConnell and his snowflake capitulating Republican pals wanted to bring down the cost of government’s involvement in health-care, they would deal with this one problem which would have a dramatic positive effect. But not a peep from Republican snowflakes nor our socialist/progressive crowd, and that includes our Fifth Column media which is leading the charge to keep Obamacare and its socialist subsidies alive and well.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


Under the provisions of Senate rules involving reconciliation, Repubs don’t have the 60 votes necessary to move patient-centered, free market reforms required to meaningfully replace Obamacare. Even in the face of the Obamacare disaster currently unfolding at great financial costs to the nation and personal hardship on those Americans who pay taxes, Democrats will not participate in any form of free-market plan.

That leaves only two possibilities:

First possibility - McConnell could bring a vote to the floor requiring only a simple majority to change the rules, tossing out reconciliation and thus tossing out the 60 vote requirement to eliminate the filibuster regarding matters that negatively impact the deficit. McConnell has announced his opposition to bringing this matter to a floor vote. Frankly, I don’t see any of the liberal Repubs voting to change the rules anyway. Elections have consequences - McConnell was very beatable a couple of years ago in his Kentucky primary Senate race - the RNC flooded his campaign with money and the people of Kentucky nominated and elected this useless SOB - again. Senate Repubs who we sent to Washington, voted to hand him the power of Senate Majority Leader. As it now stands, in spite of being the minority party, the Democrats and Shumer are in control of the Senate - and, in a real sense Democrats control Congress - since nothing meaningful on health insurance/care can get out of the Senate without a sufficient number of Dems voting for it.

Second possibility - to entertain passage of a “repeal/replace” plan that does neither repeal or replace - such as those plans thus far discussed - and that will ensure future cost increases and the unnecessary expansion of Medicaid - for which Republicans will take the blame.

With Progressives being in control of education and media might I suggest you acquaint yourselves with medical care under the Veterans Administration - single payer is but a few short years away.


I think McConnell believes that if he changes the filibuster/cloture “rule” it’ll come back to bite him in the ass when the Democrats again take control of the Senate–which WILL happen if he refuses to change the filibuster/cloture “rule,” so he’s insuring the GOP’s eventual back-bench status for NO good purpose.


To fix anything will require supporting primary challenges to Republicans who take their marching orders from the Democrats, if McConnell quit tomorrow the others would just pick a clone of him to take the gavel.

The GOP is the problem, not the solution; since there doesn’t appear to be any support for a new Party the only viable option is to quit worrying about the short term possibilities of a lost seat or 2 and do whatever it takes to get the Establishment booted out.


I agree! I’ve been trying to get people to understand that, in my opinion, the GOP IS salvageable. The Democrats aren’t and a 3rd Party won’t go anywhere–at least for awhile yet.



The problem with a 3rd party is that it will take a while and if the progressives ever get control again they aren’t going to let go; laws, constitution, free speech, fair elections be damned.


The problem is that the the establishment is very good at co-opting the folks sent to oppose them. Power corrupts, and absolute power would be totally sweet! In my trustworthy hands, that is.


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