So 2 men are shown on video capture taking the bag that pressure cooker was found in.


And somehow a few days later neither of these men have contacted the FBI regarding what they saw or what they did in taking out the cooker and taking the bag. This has become global news, 24 hour coverage in one of the largest cities in the world with a history of terror being committed in their city.

So the question is, why in the hell wouldn’t these men be contacting the FBI? It might be nothing at all, but this seem extremely odd. The chances of one or both of these men not knowing that there is a serious ongoing investigation and the description of activities which clearly point to them as being the men who took out the device is nearly impossible.

If anyone on this forum experienced this, wouldn’t they reach for the phone the first opportunity they had? Recall the guy in army fatigues who contacted authorities immediately when he was wrongly identified as the attacks in Dallas against the police, he called within hours if not minutes when he saw his image on the news.

This isn’t a conspiracy as much as a concern.


I could be totally wrong but here’s what I’ve noticed. Big city people don’t (in general) want to be involved. Now that also applies to some small town people but mostly I’ve seen it in the big cities. Also I find them a lot more rude, again in general. And it’s not just here in the U.S. but all big cities.


Fair enough. This isn’t a case of not wanting to interfere in a dispute on the street between strangers, this is an extremely serious situation which could carry some consequences for these guys. What if the guy in custody says “yes, those guys were working with me”. What if they find out he was connected to a network and even without him speaking they assume they were connected?

Many questions still unanswered and video of these two doing what they did. It would be interesting to see how they reacted when they pulled out the cooker. Did they turn it around in curiosity or simply place it down with prior knowledge about what it was?

Without them coming forward, I have to remain concerned and skeptical of their intentions.


I sure as hell wouldn’t. I have a great uncle that was railroaded into a murder charge for reporting finding a dead body. The guy had been dead so long, rigor had set in. But the police had no idea who killed him, and he was the only person that have ever admitted being near the body.


Sorry to hear that, I can imagine if one experiences that they might be weary of contacting them. To me the decision to contact the FBI would be easy, for the following;

  1. It is legally the right thing to do. I’m quite sure there is a legal obligation for these peopel to contact authorities since they have evidence of a serious crime
  2. It is the morally right thing to do. Self explanatory.
  3. They are going to be identified anyways. Without a doubt this will happen You have the FBI and their resources, NYPD, state police, an entire city to reach out to in order to find these guys. They either contact them and plead their case, or, they have something to hide.

If they have something to hide; which I might assume to be the case here, the issue is what are they hiding? Something related to this, or some other criminal act other than this. I don’t think the FBI is going to be at all interested in the theft of the bag, if that is what occurred, but they will certainly be concerned with information they glean from these guys and the bag itself.