So i was thinking what I could do to-

So I was brain storming ways I can show solidarity with my new political party (the democrats) and with BLM at the same time, while demonstrating my self-hatred for the color of my skin WHILE saying f–k trump at the same time. So I did this in my living room a few minutes ago!

Please tell me I’m not transphobic now; I’ll do anything to avoid being labeled that. Yeah it hurts some but wow this is seriously helping me free up some of that guilt. deep breath Phew! Yes! I wonder if AT&T will hire me now?!?! (I sure hope they don’t because f-k white people!) :smile:


I was literally spooning a mouthful of clam chowder when I clicked on this.

Thanks for that.


I honestly thought you were a young Latino dude between 20-30 because your name and then I googled it and realize it was a weeb name. GutsAndCasca sounds like some like Latino phrase. See I don’t see you as white. Maybe AT&T won’t either like it’s gonna be awesome working for AT&T I mean it’s so metro bro you’ll dig that. Handing over all that data to NSA via illegal backbone taps that will never see supreme court review no matter how many times the ALCU sues them. It’s so white toast avocado californication man.

Dude doing anything for the government is cool as long as it’s a democrat as POTUS. Back when I became a member of this site my wife and I had a cascaandguts, gutsandcasca thing going on. I don’t know what a weeb is, but if that’s denigrating to me I welcome it. I hate myself. And so should you. Why do you think I’m white? OOoh. The portrait of my foot. Yeah. Thinking of chopping it off. To show solidarity.

Weeb is slang for anime fan.

Before my divorce, where my wife took literally all of my physical possessions leaving me with clothing and my car, we were into a manga called BERSERK. From what I remember it was pretty good, but I can’t read it anymore because of PTSD.

As a married man consider yourself lucky, I dream about the process everyday. If thats what my freedom will cost so be it.

I’m sorry to hear that man. I was only married to her for three years. When I met her, I was still attending a university (on the honor roll yay big deal) and she was just graduating from phlebotomy school. While we were married I went to school full time, and worked construction while she did her phlebotomy thing. Then I got seriously injured on the job, couldn’t work anymore, but still finished college. The day I graduated she quit her job, and refused to work ever again. 2008; instead of my internship hiring me, they were laying people off. Marriage ended rather quickly.

It’s been 9 years here. It’s just that I dunno. Her family they doesn’t work, and if the one getting SSI passes away (which he will in the next 6 years). I’m going to inherit her mom, and sister and possibly uncle who doesn’t work. That will be the breaking point.

Did it get better after that?

Recently yes. Recently :laughing:

(are you currently married to this person? you seem to be getting a raw deal)

I brought it up to her told her it was my red line. She was surprisingly supportive.

My father injured his back ruptured 3 disks at age 40 he was a pipefitter doing cooling systems for powerplants. He was moving a large cement cylinder the other guys dropped it and he didn’t hear the count he was holding still. He’s been on SSDI since that event. He almost killed himself with oxycontin and then quit it at age 50. He does that hydro-therapy and that works for him. Sorry to hear about that. Sounds like a woman who married for money.

My situation is different it’s more breaking the cycle of poverty.
My wife experienced rural poverty, I experienced urban poverty and we bought a fixer upper in 2013 in the suburbs. So now suburban poverty exists, it’s kind of funny because the people here are like socially liberal for being 95% white. Yet they’ve never seen poor folk like us. My basement was a band room for like 2 years, and our house was a collective for all sorts of crust punk from the Grand Rapids metro. Annoyed the batshit out of the police. I think one night we genuinely scared them as they raced back to their cars. Then we had our son, and I got tired of the punk life, and I started questioning existence and I found faith and I tried to apply it to my prior world view and I couldn’t. I need an outlet to get out my anger, and that jetski I had took a crap. Feeling trapped sucks but I got the courage to state my redline the day before it I was gagging like nervously it was kind of funny but kind of sad.