So much for buy American


The president who promised to bring jobs home is selling them abroad, and for military equipment no less. Hmmm… I’m totally cool with this. How about you Trump supporters? Broken promises? Just necessary pragmatism?

Those could be built here in the United States and meant jobs for the American people.

But this:

A statement released by the 2017 Riyahd Summit applauded other agreements with GE and Dow Chemical as achieving “the goal of creating jobs and driving economic diversification” and providing jobs in the country, “cementing partnerships for generations to come.”

Tillerson praised the multibillion-dollar “direct investment” move, predicting it will "result in literally hundreds of thousands of American jobs."
Naturally. Trade creates jobs and prosperity everywhere. It’s unfortunate that it involves politicians and bureaucrats and public spending, but then again in this case, it is military equipment. Seems like this administration, just like the members of the Washington, D.C., swamp likes to talk out of both sides of its mouth.

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Sign More Than $110B Arms Deal Amid Trump Visit - NBC News


I’m already sick of all the winning.


We can see where you WOULD be, J. Anderson. Try to focus. OUR liberals have castigated arms manufacturers in the U.S. for DECADES now–insisting that they do things to arms that are silly and unnecessary. As a consequence, places like Israel, Serbia, Germany and even Poland have taken the lead in innovation in military arms and equipment. For example, the Serbs make a Hind helicopter variant that’s stronger, lighter, more powerful and FASTER than ANYTHING made in the U.S. They are superb engineers.


PD, typical Lib think, always wanting it BOTH ways…


No thoughts on the president’s trade policies? Or how this fits into his campaign promises about creating American jobs? Or why the same philosophy doesn’t apply to Carrier’s planned move to Mexico?

Is J.'s sarcasm wrong? How?