So Venezuela's having a Coup.


A helicopter from a “rogue faction” just bombed their Supreme Court building.

This is the message they’re broadcasting:

Venezuelans. Dear brothers, we are speaking on behalf of the state. We are a coalition of soldiers, policemen and civilians, searching for balance and against this transitional criminal government. We do not belong to a political party. We are nationalists, patriots, and institutionalists. This fight, isn’t against the rest of the state security force. It’s against the impunity imposed by this government. Against tyranny. Against the young men and women who died fighting for their legitimate rights. Against hunger. Against poor healthcare. Against fanaticism. This fight is for life. This fight is for the hope we construct. This is not revenge. It is justice and conscience that leads us to look for change.

We wear this armband with the color of truth and Jesus Christ, who is with us. It’s because of this that we are calling all Venezuelans from the east to the west, from north to south, to accompany us in this struggle, let’s go out into the streets, from Caracas to Fuerte Tiuna. And in the center of the country to every military base. So that we may reunite as brothers with our national armed forces. And together, we retake our beautiful Venezuela. In this day, we are making an aerial and land deployment with the sole purpose of giving back democratic power to the people. And in this, comply and enforce the laws to reestablish the constitutional order. It’s because of this that we adhere to Articles 305 and 333 of our Magna Carta.

It is our duties as state security officials to we disarm this gang of thugs to restore peace to the people of Bolivar. President Maduro, we demand your immediate resignation along with all your ministers and that general elections be called immediately. Brother in arms, we have two choices: to be judged tomorrow by our consciousness and the people, or to free the people from this corrupt government. We are warriors of god and our mission is to serve the people. Long Live Venezuela!


So apparently, certain people are thinking that this coup was a staged attempt to give Maduro more authority to do what he wants.

The leading evidence for why people think this, is because the man who posed as the leader of the coup is himself an actor:

“Rogue” Policeman Who Attempted “Venezuela Coup” Is A “James Bond-Cum-Rambo” Action Film Star | Zero Hedge


Just another S American banana republic.


We’re in the midst of an attempted coup in America as well - only without the helicopters.


And without the disarmed citizenry :slight_smile:

Our Left is picking a fight that they cannot win, their violence will eventually exhaust the patience of the peaceful and decent majority.


Am I the only person who prays for a liberal armed uprising?