So what happened to RO in November?

I’ve looked around, and I don’t see any actual explanation for why the site went down about a week before the election.

I assume our Vbul license expired since the forum is now… something weird that I’ve never seen before. Though someone clearly had the old database in order to convert since everything is still here.

I’m also not even sure if TheOperative is still the site owner? I feel like he’d mentioned something about transferring it to someone else a few years ago. But I don’t know if that ever happened.

If I hadn’t logged into my email and seen the daily summary I never would have found the place again. I stopped checking the site back in December and assumed it was just gone forever.

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TO hasn’t been the site owner for quite some time.

What happened, in short, was WhoIsJohnGalt decided to shut the server down because it was hacked.
He had to do a bunch of security updates before he felt comfortable bringing it back online.

Since then, the site changed hands again, and the software was changed.

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I stop by about once a week just to keep up with this excellent group of moderators and to see who shows up. In my view, RO has devolved into a site that has little resemblance to the vibrant site it was last year. Many of the more knowledgeable/provocative posters have either moved on or contribute far less often.

As for me, I’ve tried to embrace the changes that have been made. I have been unsuccessful in doing so. It is hard for me to understand why such a drastic format change was required. But, I’m no computer expert.

I wish everyone the best.

MD Mike

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It’s a bit unfortunate about the server issue, because the months before the election and leading up to the election it was extremely active here. Whoever took down the server did a number.

I recall on election night I must have tried to load this forum 100 times, it was a moment of shock and awe for the entire world. I couldn’t sleep that night and being a semi-regular for a while here, and learning a great deal about U.S politics, it was a night we all should have shared. What can you do eh?

In the end, it’s great that this place is back up, I am not an old timer on this site like others, but I enjoyed the debates and discussion for the most part.

I think in time, people will slowly come back. Site was down for some time and summer came and went. Winter is here, Christmas around the corner. I bet it picks up again with fresh debates.

Its also perplexing with this administration that doesn’t seem to want to fullfill Trumps promises, they are underestimating the mood of the country yet again, he is the ultimate outsider and it’s taken the Old Guard, well, off guard.

I’, starting to think that many people who supported the GOP do so simply because the alternative is so ideologically unappealing and they are hoping Trump can achieve his promises int he face of so much opposition There doesn’t seem to be a great concern by some to assist the very voters who gave them the WH, and you can see in some reports that donors are not happy with the lack of support Trump has received for his overwhelming victory.

The reason for the software/format change is because VBulletin was becoming more and more vulnerable to hacking, and I gather that they (the VBulletin people) weren’t doing anything more than patching when they needed to do something a lot more comprehensive.

The lack of participation is probably likely due to the four months RO was down; it’ll probably start growing again (how fast or much, I couldn’t say).

I didn’t like it at first (and I still don’t like some features), but I am getting the hang of it. For most basic posting purposes at least, it’s not too difficult; learning to do the quotes is probably the biggest basic issue. One very helpful factor for learning is that right beside the text box where you’re typing your post, you have a real-time post preview.

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Actually, I find that it’s cleaner than the other software and you can see the newest posts easily rather than it moving down the line and getting lost.

It’s certainly different, that’s for sure.

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