So what is the price of hacking?


To hear some it is irrelevant and should not be a cause for alarm or grief. I imagine these people think nothing of trolling others as well since it falls into their paradigm of feelings.

**Judge sentences David Kernell to year in custody for hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail **

Two years after a former University of Tennessee student from Germantown guessed his way into the Republican vice presidential nominee’s private e-mail account, he walked away with a sentence of year and a day and a conviction on his record.
“For the rest of his life, David Kernell is going to be that guy who got into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account,” the 22-year-old’s attorney, Wade Davies, noted Friday. “He’s going to have to explain that for the rest of his life.”

Is the sentence to severe or is what I am seeing from the comments the usual left wing sentiments for violating others and its consequences?


The sentence is not that harsh really. But I still laugh everytime I hear this story.


He will be getting a job after he gets out of prison for A Email company.


Didn’t read the story, but my bet is out in 3 months for good behavior, budget reasons and overcrowding.


Try Anonymous. lol


I see this as no different than mail fraud, it should be a Federal Offense with a much harsher mandatory sentence.


I agree that there should be a more harsh punishment for hackers, and people who create viruses and malware. Cyber crime is going to become more and more prevelant I think.