So what sources do some of y'all actually believe?


Since Reason, Cato, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox and just about everything else that were not leftwing are now leftwing these days, what’s left? What sources do you and other folks actually believe?

Discussions are literally impossible to have when we can’t agree on facts. Virtually any fact is denied here at this site these days because it is sourced to any of a number of newspapers, think tanks, magazines and cable channels (many of them relatively conservative – not libertarian) that once were used as ammunition by conservatives in their ideological battles against the Dems and liberals.

I know I don’t really need to bother with links because someone will just call it lies these days. And, PD, I don’t see links from you when you make claims. Just how do you know Harley is being charged 100 percent tariffs in India? It’s not common knowledge. I asked you for links in the thread on that topic. Was it from a Donald Trump press release? (Harley has a plant in India, and there is no tariff on those bikes, btw, but not sure many folks here would believe it since it was published by “the media”).

What sources do you accept as true, PD? Other folks?


The Bible (yes, that’s the book for me)!


The hypocrisy of a liar like Trump (who built his political brand on the fake news lie that Obama wasn’t born in America) crying about “fake news” is rich. CNN, Washington Post, and NYT are all biased. Fox is just as bad in the other direction. And Trump gives support and respect to some of the worst “fake news” that exists, like that monster Alex Jones.


Excellent read here for the Trumpian era:

It is one of fascism’s goals to monopolize our attention. It would like to shrink our imagination; it would like for us to peer wide-eyed at its harsh restrictions and be able to think of nothing else. And it is tempting to stare like this, because fascism and its precursors are rife with contradictions that seem to beg to be pointed out by Reasonable People. But that’s one of its tricks. Fascism welcomes our attempts to play logical “gotcha” with its inconsistencies because it knows we will lose—not because we won’t find a fallacy but because the fallacy won’t matter.


I do not need to describe for you, reader—a person with a conscience and a pulse—what this last year and a half has felt like. We’re all anxious and addled and many of us have turned following the news into what amounts to a second full-time job. We’re hitting refresh; we are clicking vigorously to See New Tweets; we’re watching our fundamental notions of action and consequence fall away with each new revealed scandal, none of which have made much of a dent.

These are people that need help lol

The fact he uses the word “fascism” explains the above paragraph. This president will be remarkable primarily because he’s a loudmouth – and because he turned Republicans against free trade rhetorically as well as the way they have been in practice ($1 trillion deficits, farm bill, trade wars, etc. to those of you who will insist your command economics is actually capitalism}. He is no more a fascist than those who have come before or the others who sought office.

Folks need to worry less – on both sides. Obama was not Antichrist. Trump is not Hitler.


The ONLY sources I “accept as true” are those which stand up to rational, common sense REASON. ALL of the so-called “mainstream” sources have been caught multiple times skewing their reporting to promote a specific ideology. Fox, Fox Business, OAN…far less so. Fox is considerably more “right-wing” than the others–but mostly in it’s OPINION programming. CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYTimes, Boston Globe, NBC, CBS and ABC, Time Magazine, etc. FAR more often skewed far-left–even on programs and issues that they misrepresent as straight NEWS.


Are we so sure of this one? The Bible says there will be many antichrists. At the very least, Obama is antichristian.


So you let confirmation bias guide you?

Walk me through this. What challenges your beliefs when you dismiss everything as lies that do not fit your “reason”? Or do you already know everything you need to know in order to maintain your values and opinions?

Around here, Reason is now dismissed as not credible. Cato too. Heritage Foundation? It’s conservative? National Review?

I’m referring tot he specific Antichrist. That’s why I capitalized it :wink:

Obama also wasn’t the second coming of Josef Stalin.