So. What was the plan here?

So what were you lefties hoping to accomplish by raiding a former presidents home? I mean aside from digging up his wife’s corpse for sh–ts and giggles? What were you/what are you hoping comes of this? What have you accomplished aside from affirming to the world that you are all literally crazy, sadistic, and overwhelmingly childish?

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I just pray they raid biden’s house after a few years and find the kids in his basement he uses for sniffing.

I can’t figure out what their motives are. Here are three that come to mind.

  • Intimidate people from giving active political support to Republican candidates who have a chance of winning an election. This has been a tactic of the Democrats since 2017 when Trump was inaugurated

  • Get so Trump supporters all riled up so that they will nominate him for president. He’s the weakest candidate in the Democrats’ minds because of his high negatives.

  • Convict Trump of some crime so that he will be disqualified to run. The crimes could include picking his nose or spitting on the sidewalk. They want anything to keep him from running.

I know that numbers 2 and 3 contradict, but it’s hard understand what goes in the mind of a “Progressive.”

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Funny how “he actually committed crimes” somehow never enters your mind. You know why it’s so muddy in terms of political motivations and outcomes? The primary motivations are not political.

What crimes did he commit

Nope. Not with democrats running the show because I don’t count thought crimes as actual real crimes

Can’t say yet, the warrant was to investigate 3 crimes but he has not been charged yet.

The warrant listed 3 laws they were investigating and seized evidence under:

18 U.S. Code § 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

18 U.S. Code § 1519 - Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

So if I were a betting man, one or multiple of those crimes, at minimum

And what happens when he is found innocent of all of them? You lefties just set a precarious precedent. Once they’re done raiding all Republican politicians eventually they’ll come for you too.

Why are you so confident he will be?

And if you think Nancy pelosi is clean enough to survive an fbi raid, you need help beyond anything the modern world has to offer

Because if he was so guilty, then the government would have come after him 30 years ago. It’s the timing. The lefties ever increasing thirst for drama and indignation caused this, not reality.

@Gene since you don’t care about Democrat wrong doing, and clearly you don’t, is it not hypocritical of you to keep beating your dead horse.

I am sure you still believe in the Russia collusion story, don’t you?

Please elaborate. Specifically when was Trump ever investigated for his ties to Russia.

It’s depressingly predictable how Q-tards keep on insisting that the law should not apply to God Emperor Trump.

Wtf :flushed:

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no. The left has been claiming he’s committed crimes for 6 years now. WHAT are his crimes. Forget the illegitimate unconstitutional, illegal, politically motivated, fishing expedition RAID…WHAT crimes did he commit.


If people only learned how to read they would understand why Mar-a-largo was raided. The reasons are clearly listed on the warrant.

Yeah. They basically say “reasons”. :smile: fill in the blank with your own personal TDS

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Obviously you haven’t read or you have limited comprehension. THE MEAT is in the Affadavit and that is why they dare not release it. THIS is a fishing expedition.

Last week:

Release the warrant!

This week:

Release the affadavit!

Next week:

Release the long form affadavit!

You got a problem with following the law?