So. What was the plan here?

The left has a very hard time following the law. According to their political philosophy, they MAKE THE LAW.

I know, right? If you compile all the right wing pearl clutching that has occurred this week you get this argument:

The raid, which was done because Trump’s lawyers lied about no classified documents being stored at Mar-a-largo, is a witch hunt because the documents weren’t classified, but even if they were they were planted by the FBI, but even if there is no footage of this Trump saw it all happen on CCTV, but even so he had no idea what was in those boxes anyway because apparently the US General Services Administration packed those boxes, which really doesn’t matter because according to Rand Paul storing classified material near the pool in the shed is simply exercising your First Amendment Rights.

Which doesn’t really matter because the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Now I know why Q-tards are comparing the FBI to Nazis. You have to be on Heisenberg quality meth to think that’s a coherent argument. I wonder what excuses they are going to think up this week.

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Me and Trump have that in common. Usually he rarely gets called on it but he’s a private citizen now.

Why is any human being going to be storing classified documents at their home

why not just burn it.

Reading must be so difficult for you. It wasn’t the storing of classified documents per se, it was that they were improperly stored in a shed by the pool.

But I suspect you are being obtuse and don’t believe the passive aggressive crap you are asserting.

You should go take your meds and worry about coloring your hair. I hear purple is on sale at wal mart.

“It’s interesting how the FBI waited several years and right before the midterm elections to all of the sudden care about these most precious documents.”

and that’s all I have to say lefties.

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Take it up with Trump. He’s the one who created he timeline.

The National Archives asked for documents in February. This could have all been resolved then (incidentally, this was after sandbagging the National archives so in reality this could have all been sorted back in August of last year).

People then representing Trump continued to lie about the classified documents for months, most notably Kash Patel who said in may there were no classified documents.

Trump’s lawyers continued that lie in June.

So if you want to blame someone for the timing of this, blame grown up Joffrey. He chose to keep the documents and then repeatedly lie about it. This could have all been resolved within 8 months of Trump leaving/fleeing office. All he had to do was not break the law.

So… you believe that he actually intentionally broke the law … by um. By keeping some classified documents at his home instead of just giving them back so… he could accomplish what exactly? Like, tell me what doctor evil plans he was plotting.

I think all of us can agree he was… PLANNING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

duh duh DUUUUUUH!

lol what? Patooka; you need to stop your walter white meth habit man; you’re starting to hallucinate and think strange thoughts that aren’t real.

So please explain to me why Trump isn’t locked up right now. You guys are like “we finally caught him for some nonsensical plot hatched by a movie villain!” but if you finally busted him for his pure maliciousness then why isn’t he in handcuffs? I’m just wondering.

From now on whenever a conservative leaves his home, a restaurant, a movie theatre, a gas station, a store, anything really; let’s just call it what it is: THEY ARE FLEEING!

Democrats leave, republicans flee.


Alas, not. They say they’re going to leave if the Republican gets elected, but they’re still here…


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So! Has he been locked up yet? Has he been formally charged yet? When are we going to see a court date?

Gene , I’m expecting you to answer this. So. Trump is finally going down! How, when, why? You guys finally got him. What did you get him for? What jail are they currently keeping him in? If this isn’t some political stunt and this is serious ; where is he locked up and how long is he going to be locked up for?

Please answer! I’m dying to know these things!

Hey man; can you please post the pics of trump in handcuffs? I’d like to know that all of this is serious. How long is he going away for? Come on man I know you can use google. Let us stupid conservatives know that our former president finally got busted.

You can do it!

You know as well as I do that rich people don’t go to jail

OH no you don’t get off that easy. You guys have all been crying tears of joy that trump is finally going to prison. I want to see the pics of his handcuffs.

Justice done correctly is often slow. I genuinely do expect an indictment of him eventually, but we’ll need a lot more patience. Taking these steps against a former president is huge and cannot be done fast and loose.