So you are thinking of moving to TEXAS


Well Pilgrim(s), not sure why, we ONLY expect to create over 715,000 (YES you read that right) Tech jobs over the next 2 years here in Texas, the Average Entry level pay for these jobs will be about $62,500+.

Just remember this: We have created this economy based upon conservative values, not liberal!


I’m thinking Wyoming!


The good Lord stuck me here in rural Illinois for a reason, I’m going to stick around here until He tells me it’s time to go.


That’s pretty much my take; run what I’ve got where I’ve got it until the wheels fall off.


Well, you’re ahead of us Californians by two points on unemployment, but then again, it’s Texas.


That’s assuming that you buy the government’s phony unemployment figures, DHL. Most of us KNOW better.


Well, if the numbers are unreliable than Texas isn’t better than California by any metric, but California has some of the best coasts, mountains, climate, and deserts in the country. The choice is clear: California is better in every possible way.


Keep believing that and, for God’s sake, STAY there.