So, you didn't think it could happen in private schools, eh?


I have stated on numerous occasions that when Catholic/Christian/Private schools “dance with the devil” by accepting “funding” from the government, they are playing with deadly fire. It has happened for many years, but it has happened very slowly–almost undetectably. But, here it is…open and in your face. Now, in Canada, Catholic schools are being told that they cannot teach that abortion is wrong. Here is the article:

Canadian official: Catholic schools cannot teach that abortion is wrong

It won’t be long before this will be the case in American Catholic/Christian/Private schools.


They’ve already destroyed the Catholic adoption agencies in some states by insisting that they consider homosexuals for adoption. What ever happened to our “freedom of religion”?


The marxist-commie influence in this country changed one little word: from “freedom OFreligion” to “Freedom FROM religion”. Big difference…


The actual meaning of “The Separation Of Church And State” as Jefferson used the term was to prevent government from having any say in the free exercise of religious expression.

The Government bastardizes this concept by altering the meaning into “Freedom from religion” to oppress the peoples ability to wear their Faith on their sleeves.

The Church also bastardizes this concept by taking government funding with strings attached and being so faithless as to sell off their Right to comment on political matters in a Nation with citizen government by caring more about their “Tax Exempt Status” than their responsibility to teach the truth.

America as a whole is destined for the same future as Canada, Europe and our Bluest States if the Church does not get off their lazy butts and put biblical priorities ahead of their financial insecurities.


Well, you can’t accept federal funding and then expect to teach stuff that is not the official curriculum. Public schools teach what is approved to be taught. Some may think that is authoritarian or wrong, but I think as long as the people who select what is to be taught are selected fairly and in an unbiased manner, that it should be fine. If you don’t like that, you can send your children to a private school. But said private school can’t just accept money from the government and then start teaching religious concepts. There’s a reason churches are tax-exempt, don’t receive federal funding, and stay out of politics. Because doing so, funding a certain religious belief, is dangerously close to a national religion, which is simply not American in any way, shape, or form. That’s a theocracy.


“The Church also bastardizes this concept by taking government funding with strings attached and being so faithless as to sell off their Right to comment on political matters in a Nation with citizen government by caring more about their “Tax Exempt Status” than their responsibility to teach the truth.”*

RET: You hit the nails on the head. I just commented on the “education” thread about Canadian Catholic schools now being forced to not teach that abortion is wrong. Why? Because the Catholic schools decided to “dance with the devil” years ago by accepting the “forbidden fruit” of government funds. The government never gives anything away for free. There is no such thing as free with the government. Now, Catholic schools in Canada will have to teach something so contradictory to Catholic teachings that they may as well close up and become public schools. That would be less offensive than to compromise Church teachings.

And yes, it won’t be long before America will be dancing the same dance. The Founding Fathers are spinning, not just turning over, in their graves. The whole American philosophy is systematically being bastardized to the point of oblivion. I believe it was Kruschev who said that Russia will overtake the U.S. without ever having to fire a shot.


Which is why we need vouchers instead of government schools & funding. Parents get to decide how to educate their kids…and schools compete for their business.


I have to keep telling anybody that will listen to stay far away from government funding at our Catholic school. Those advocating for applying say that there won’t be any restrictions. I say, “not until the school depends on that money for survival.”


Welcome, Scott! This is a great place. Hope you enjoy yourself here! You are correct about Catholic schools. However, most of them have already taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and have been paying the piper since the 70’s and 80’s. Catholic schools are a shadow of what they used to be. Of course, they are light-years ahead of public schools, but nothing like they once were. There are now a number of independent, private Catholic schools (Christian, too) that do not take any government $$ and rely strictly on tuition and fundraising to support their schools. They do quite nicely, actually. But, it isn’t easy. It’s so much easier to stretch out one’s hand to the government, but at what a cost!


Once the bait is taken, they set the hook…


All of this is just more proof that the left’s goal isn’t the individual little causes they support. The gays, the feminazis, the pinky in the air coffee sippers, they are all after the same thing. It’s the destruction of Christianity.


Teaching that abortion is sinful doesn’t conflict with the “right to choose”. The latter is a legal right, but so long as a woman is not prevented from exercising that right, what’s wrong with the marketplace of ideas attempting to influence her in that choice?

This is something I’ve worried about for years. Social conservatives who insist on changing the law will inevitably face backlash, because a woman’s liberty, once acknowledged, is a genie that cannot be re-bottled. Pro-lifers should acknowledge the legal right, and then proceed to make the moral case that abortion is wrong. Sure, it’s harder to attempt to persuade others, rather than simply rely on governmennt to criminalize abortion at the expense of the woman’s liberty, but the reality is that voluntary persuasion, presenting outside the context of coercion, is the only approach that will truly “stick”.


I think you misunderstand the left JStang if left to their more extreme leaders and members the USA will become the modern USSR. These people are communist plain and simple. I could care less what they call themselves. They want everyone on the government teat, “equal rights” and no religion. Only thing stopping them from being like the USSR is no backing from the military.


You aren’t thinking long term enough. Destruction of the Capitalist, Democratic (Constitutional Republic) will happen before the obliteration of Christianity. This isn’t just an American Liberal agenda, it’s world-wide.


JStang: They’re working on the Christianity part, that’s for sure. The spread of islam throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa should frighten anyone with a lick of common sense–especially after the riots and destruction which took place across the world after Benghazi. It was the Christian Church who kept the turkish hordes at bay and out of the Holy Land for centuries. Now, we have leaders who want to play “nice” with them–they don’t play nice. Who was it that said, “Those who refuse to learn from the past are destined to repeat it”? Something like that anyway…


Allow me to add to that…

There is a reason for this. In any country in order for a communist state to thrive when of key tenets is is to replace a belief in God or a higher power with govt. They have to transfer the allegiance and faith in your chosen God to the govt. Obama said: “the one thing we ALL belong to is the Government”…spoken like a true communist.

In addition this transfer has to take place in order to establish a dictatorship. You see this communist countries the reverence of the govt and the dictator. When you can get people to make the paradigm shift then the rest becomes easy. We now have a 100 million people in the US who grip on the federal govt is getting stronger with each welfare benefit and check that shows up in the mail…of NOTE is the $1.51 TRILLION in payments to welfare folks they will get, the largest part of the Federal budget is welfare. If Obama can get another term he will transition form President to demigod in their eyes, the WH is the giver of all from cradle to grave, the Messiah will take care of you. How many have noticed that the WH is now controlling and passing out funding instead of Congress. The origin is Obnama…hence we have no federal budget, Harry Reid should be in jail as he is complicit in this move to Godless govt…


Actually, the spread of Islam is not as great as the leaders of Islam would have you believe. Many people have been leaving Islam, but the Muslim leaders don’t recognize that. Many Muslims, unhappy with the violence perpetrated by their leaders, are turning to Christianity. Especially those whose Islamic beliefs are more cultural than religious (that it, that it is all they have ever known). Of course, a lot of this is going unreported, because of the safety of those converts, and those who are leading them to Christ. In many countries, Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds - China is one of these - and it goes unrecognized by the media, and by those who are reporting the “dying” of Christianity, and the “growth” of Islam. Take heart! Jesus is still King!


You are right…I have not heard of any of this. I hope you are correct. Of course, I certainly believe that Jesus is Lord of the universe and He has control over His creation. But, in THIS country, it doesn’t seem to me that there are many true Christians anymore. We just don’t seem to be making much of a noise… I’ve been praying, Lord knows I’ve been praying.


So many evangelical churches have changed their prayer meeting night to “Bible study” night. Our local church has changed it back to prayer meeting. I haven’t attended in some time, because I’m no longer comfortable driving at night. I may go occasionally after I get my cataract surgery all done - it will improve my night vision considerably, but I’d really rather someone else did the driving. Our pastor has put great emphasis on prayer - that when God’s people pray, God works!


Susanna: You are absolutely correct! No one can put a price on the power of prayer! Prayer brings about miracles! To be honest, when I first joined this forum, I thought you were Jewish because of the Jewish flag! I agree 100% on your comment about Israel! Doesn’t it also say somewhere in the O.T. that anyone who harms Israel will suffer the rath of God…or something to that effect?