Social Democracy is kind of ... dying in Europe

Explanation of the map:

Blue = Conservative, Red = Social Democratic, Orange = Liberal center

It’s interesting how democrats choose who to pander to. They literally decide who they think is oppressed and then change their entire message/image to try and get their votes. They shouldn’t have to do that if their ideology is solid. Sorry just thinking out loud.

If social democracy is dying in Europe, then what is taking its place?

Populist Nationalism.

Social Democrats came out big for the first time in 25+ years in Germany which is the beating heart of the EU. France had like 10 years of social democracy followed by centrism. Only Eastern Europe is going full on nationalist. Arab immigration is destroying social democracy they have no idea how to live alongside it. I like Sweden/Finland because they don’t like drugs, and Metal is like pop music.

That sounds pretty right wing

People raised on Iron Maiden and man’o’war I’m guessing :smile:

Yeah, putting your wives, sisters and daughters out there as rape bait for the 7th century savages isn’t working out too well.


I think I got in trouble here for saying F— Islam but ya know I stand by it. If were for the 1st here let me say it with the & please.

I was more into Manson, KMFDM, Cradle of Filth, Powerman 5000 (my first concert in 2000), Deathstars, Demon Hunter. I’m more chill these days last band I saw was Bush (before pandemic). I wanna see the silversun pickups next month, my Cousin killed himself we were gonna go so I have this who gives a blip attitude.

Silversun pickups! Whoah. Love the lazy eye song.

All of their stuff is awesome I’ve been listening to that kind of stuff since 2008. I mellowed out in 2007ish, started listening to Modest Mouse, Silversun Pickups, MGMT, Vance Joy, La Roux, Crystal Castles, Phantogram, Tame Impala, Cage The Elephant, and Daft Punk. The first 20 years of my life was Industrial Rage. The last 14 have been more mellow Ambient Indie.

The people in Europe are tired the EU bureaucrats taking the majority of the money they make and telling them how to live. That’s why Brexit passed.

They are also tired having trashy Arab immigrant men, who are semi-civilized, attacking their women in the streets. If you want to treat a woman like your donkey, stay in your backward country and leave western civilization alone.

Nope. You want to say why you dislike Islam (I dislike it, too), that’s fine. No need for the F-bomb.

What if I metaphorically wanted to mount Islam and thurst disgrace upon it? What about the F Biden shirts? You displeased with those shirts much? Man I had my aunts rag on my mom for years over my cd collection in the 90s now you had the most foul mouth president in years and suddenly were back to moral standards. I was gonna happy those 7 dirty words didn’t mean anything.

1 Sexual innuendo we can do without.
2 I don’t endorse or believe in doing that, and I wouldn’t tolerate a conservative RO member saying it here if I’m aware of it (if you see it, you can flag the post to bring it to the attention of the mods; there’s an icon for that at the bottom of every post).
3 What this has to do with anything I’m unclear.
4 RO’s language standards have been around- and enforced- for nearly 17 years. Trump does not and never has dictated the forum rules here. If he were to join RO, he’d be subject to them the same as everybody else.


I didn’t grab nobody by the anything and brag about it that is a hard double standard to swallow.

Your platform your choice I hope you can see how facebook has its arbitrary rules

Double standard they voted for the most foul president in the history of the US. I mean if he was an album he’d have one of those cute explicit stickers from Tipper (gore).

Double standards again.

I agree I’m glad you want to moderate it that way, I’m a crass man I’ll just have to find less profane ways to express what I feel. It just feels like a huge disconnect from reality. I live across from an elementary school K-2nd and the things I hear on that playground when I work on my car my Goodness sounds like a platoon in Nam. Then again I am kind of like Frank Murphy From F is For Family.

1 Whose double standard? I repeat: If Trump were a member here, he’d be subject to the same forum rules that everyone else is (including me).

2 “They” who? I haven’t figured out where “they,” whoever “they” are, even entered into this.

That I’m expected to talk better than the president and defacto leader of the GOP. In the end it just forces me to use colorful language that avoids 7 words. Do you know where those 7 words came from it was a direct assault on George Carlin because conservatives of the 70s didn’t like him. It was a way to get people who thought like him banned on radio.

Who he just said would not be allowed to curse here, in this forum.

So it’s not a double standard, it’s an equal standard. What people do outside the forum, has no bearing on what their conduct is to be when speaking here. Other forums have similar rules, this has nothing to do with what “conservatives” allow for.


Do you know where the legal definition of profanity came from Pacifia Radio V FCC because of this skit: (swear warning) an interesting history of profanity.