Social Democracy is kind of ... dying in Europe

I’d like to think you’d all make an exception for Trump. No ones allowed to kick my cat, but if it was Johnny Depp it’s that I mean exceptions exist. My cat would be upset, but I’d be telling everyone for years. Ya ain’t allowed to kill a fella, but if he’s pillaging your home and raping your wife, exceptions exist.

I have not seen any. They are pretty consistent with this rule.

The Bart Simpson in me now feels compelled to bring the raunchiest man in politics here and wait. Maybe I can say there is proof he won the election here. I wonder how many times Jim Jefferies had to remind him this was a church lol. Thats one thing and the Russian Water Sports Champ could agree on absolutism in speech, with the small carve out for defamation, death threats, and intimidation/extortion.

They will not adjust the rules to your arbitrary preference. Not happening.

I’m not asking for that I’m merely pointing out the irony I can’t paraphrase alot of what he says I have to link to it. You think I think I’m special I’m one of those 7 billion meat bags called humans walking around. I’ve read judicial opinions more social crushing than enraging than any amount of profanity. I’ve never felt the need to cut anyone down here because I have yet to place them in a position in my mind worthy of upsetting me. As a whole yes collectively you all drive me nuts, but individually not so much.

Same to **** Joe Biden, and Stephen Colbert calling Trump a **** Holster.

So the rule is consistent.

I’ve said I appreciate the consistency in moderation I believe you can find earlier things about that. I’m annoyed by the rules but appreciate the consistency in which they are enforced. Equality under law/rules is a big thing for the left. I would love everyone to be held to the same legal standard.


Is that why the left is clamoring for prosecution of Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, AOC who have all clearly committed felonies?

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Not lately, it’s more about Equity now:

Real Talk for a moment I haven’t seen a single senator, presidential cabinet member or DOJ higher up that could NOT be guilty of a felony. It seems like the higher ups are never prosecuted due to the concept of qualified immunity. ie when the president does it its not illegal. I would not be against all current power players on both side face a deep scrutiny by a truly independent prosecutor. They don’t tend to eat their own it’s always been their gentlemens agreement.

There difference is one of schematics when you argue schematics you’ve largely lost the larger point which is systemic disadvantage.

Who else could of got this sentence under the conditions?
You wanna talk about prosecutorial impunity it’s about cash not party.

Let’s get real. Most Congresscritters leave office wealthy. They write the ethics laws so they can skate around them. Most are NOT technically guilty of a felony.

Now that I’ve eliminated your latest Straw Man the question I posed remains. These people lied to Congress under oath, illegally destroyed property and evidence. And it’s all been documented.

Twas not a strawman, twas an unpleasant truth. I think congress lies more often than it tells the truth and to hold that standard in congress is impossible. Why is it lawful for congress to lie, but not to lie to congress? You gotta ask yourseslf those questions. Can we be forced to confess cough cough 5th amendment. Do you think any of those people would knowingly lie or just say nothing or not attend. Steve Bannons smart he’d rather get a misdeminor contempt by not going or sitting silent rather than an optics nightmare. No one should have to work against their own interests. Now I know you’re all very upset about hunter The emails from Hillary Clinton Servers on Bidens laptop attacking benghazi causing the lizard people in the media to plant lies of Russian collusion into the 2016 campaign. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I know you’re all very passionate about it. The sad thing is J6 was such a clear cut case of inciting a riot and we have such a long standing tradition of not prosecuting high officials. Now Cuba does do this, if you want a full Purge of high officials I do not argue against.

Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Bannon, Trump, Gatez, Pence I fixed it for you. All of those people deserve the same fate that Awaited Mike Pence outside the capitol. It’s bipartisan can we agree?
I ask is that you all hate what was gonna happen to Mike Pence and thus being reminded or is that you all hate that it didn’t happen and thus being reminded?

… You mean, Semantics?

But Tim Pool is on the left. He is bringing attention, as someone who values Equality, that there’s a toxic portion of the left advocating equity.

And these leftists disregard equality as “white supremacist” jargon.

It’s not semantics. It’s equality of opportunity vs equality of outcomes. These are not the same thing.

Either of those are pipe dreams the system is gonna ream ya I guess I just am asking for the system to be soft when its doing the reaming. Speaking of reaming and pipe dreams, I’m trying a new health supplement for ED you guys can read about it. Bremelanotide nasal spray. I’ll let you know if anyone wakes up downstairs as “not a drug or medicine guy” I’m terrified. I’m terrified of teflon pans, and rightfully so the media is finally admitting PCA’s were poison I’ve been saying it since 2007. Were trying to conceive our second. The first was medically assisted too. So abused by myself and shame that ya know racehorse can’t run.


Your last post proves that you are either smoking the good ganja OR are in dire need of competent professional help.

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Seriously as someone who suffers from hypognadism you can see why I really hate trannies everytime they whine it takes away from hormonal help with people with actual hormonal condtions. My wife has PCOS. I hate the smell of pot it like lingers. Like it smells a skunk in the backyard. Just because I choose to see a natropath for health based treatment doesn’t make me “in need of professional help”. Big Pharma is insane, you should see all the mistakes they made. Vioxx 80k dead. I mean you people won’t touch the vacciene and its the least freaky thing they created. In the time that covid killed 240k opium killed 140k in the US. Over 81,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in the 12 months ending in May 2020. Add that x2.5 and you got the opioid kill rate during the pandemic. Everyone tells me I’m bipolar I likely am and I deal with it. I ain’t killed nobody, I ain’t ever done someone worse than they done me.

This answers my question how?

I don’t.


What? sirens go off ALERT WE HAVE A CRAZY PERSON red lights flashing all over the place

I want to type some snarky comments here to accentuate how insane you are, but I’m pretty sure I don’t even need to do that.