Socialism Is Dying Everywhere -- Except The U.S.


Anyone notice or not notice that the news on this is almost nonexistent???

Socialism Is Dying Everywhere – Except The U.S. | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD

Socialism Is Dying Everywhere – Except The U.S.The face of socialism in the U.S. is grandfatherly Bernie Sanders. But the real face should be Venezuela’s late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, whose socialist policies have led to misery, chaos and death. (AP)

Socialism: Around the world, nations that have been foolish enough to adopt socialist policies either collapsed or are well on their way to doing so. Why, then, are so many in the U.S. enthralled with the idea?
A quick look at the world’s countries in direst economic shape reveals that many, if not most, have one thing in common: They rely on top-down socialist control, rather than free markets, to run their economies. The former, history amply shows, are doomed to fail. There are no long-term socialist success stories. None.

France, for instance, elected a socialist, Francois Hollande, as president in 2012. Today, France suffers a 10.3% jobless rate and 25% youth unemployment. Growth is less than 1%. To France’s credit, it’s recently recognized that the job market must be reformed to give businesses more incentives to hire and train new workers.

Brazil, meanwhile, impeached Socialist President Dilma Rousseff for corruption, but her damage to the economy will last. As recently as 2010, Brazil was considered a bright star. It was awarded both an Olympics and a World Cup because of it. Last year, as Rousseff’s massive borrowing and spending choked the economy, GDP shrank 3.8% and joblessness soared. Interim President Michel Temer has vowed to roll back Rousseff’s socialism.

Then there’s Venezuela’s nightmare. After the death of socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, his successor kept socialist policies in place. Today, as even the liberal Atlantic Monthly admits, “Venezuela is falling apart.” Shortages of food, energy and such basic commodities as toilet paper are rampant. The government has imposed a two-day workweek to save money. Riots, thefts and blackouts are common. Once oil-rich, Venezuelans now forage dirty streets for food – including stray dogs and cats.

Farther south, Argentina’s economy was run into the ground by leftist populist President Cristina Kirchner. Newly elected centrist President Mauricio Macri has stabilized the economy, fixed the nation’s finances, and has returned to global debt markets for the first time since the nation defaulted 15 years ago. The economy is again growing.

Get the picture? Socialism is a failure, a brutal one. In its name, during the 21st century, millions of people were impoverished and disenfranchised, while over 100 million were murdered.

And yet, as Europe and South America move away from socialism, some in the U.S. embrace it. Polls show socialism is popular among millennials, and many young Americans support socialist Bernie Sanders for president. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. As Jonah Goldberg observed, “Schools have been force-feeding left-wing propaganda to kids like it was feed for geese at a foie gras factory.”

Sadly, blogger Bruce McQuain adds, “The left will never face the reality of their utopian central control’s failure everywhere and in whatever flavor it is tried.”


Please America, do NOT go the way of Bolshevik Bernie. It will only end in sadness and despair.


As history has shown us, everyone thinks socialism is a good thing until it happens. Then you see its true ugly nature. The problem is that other nations and their people think they can do it because they and their leaders are not X. Being stupid has consequences and it appears that Americans are just as stupid as the rest of the world. Maybe we will continue to evade the false utopia of socialism or maybe we will fall prey to it and learn first hand how ugly it really it.

Diversity is Americas biggest strength and weakness. We are stronger for it but it is easy to use it as a tool to divide. Its why I strongly believe that the Federal government should be small and let each state determine how big they want their own government to be. If the people in the Northeast want socialism then let them have it but do not force it on the rest of us. Same with any other law or political view.


Honestly I wouldn’t say dying. Here’s the way that I see it. Modern socialism like in Europe will go along pretty well in a good economy. Socialism feeds off of the extra taxes that good times provide & that keeps it afloat. In bad times however the costs are still there & the money isn’t coming in. Short term the governments borrow. Longer terms they borrow at first & then have to raise taxes again. More taxes equals people spending less & that brings in less taxes because you collect taxes on that spending. Less money out in the general population & that means companies make less so they have to employ fewer people. Less people employed & that means a bigger welfare (dole) or whatever they call it where people are living on the government. When I lived in England it was a running joke there. I remember an interview with the head of Cadberry where he pointed out that there was something wrong with a tax system where the head of a company made less that people working for him in other countries.
Canada is similar in that but they haven’t really gotten that far along in socialism. For instance they have one of the cheaper health care systems out there. The problem is that as far as I’ve heard they also have one of the worst HC systems out there. If you have a good doctor that cares it isn’t to bad. If you don’t it’s God awful. I know several people that are proof as to how inept some of their doctors are & it’s scary. Sure you might get the same type doctor here but here you can see someone else. Anyway if they improved their system my guess is that it would be just as costly as those in Europe, but that’s a guess. (There’s a good video on utube about their systems failures. Look up louder with Crowder).
Ok now as far as dying. As long as a country can borrow socialism won’t kill it. And countries can borrow a long time because they can dictate how much money they have coming in (by raising taxes). They run into problems when it becomes obvious that they can’t pay that money back because they are in to deep of a hole & their spending is to out of control. Yes, south America is a good example of that. But an even better example is our own home finances. Can we keep spending forever without borrowing & what happens when you can’t borrow? It’s just that a country can raise taxes & keep borrowing for a lot longer & dig the hole that they are in a lot deeper. I was very surprise that there wasn’t more of an uproar when our countries credit rating was downgraded. That’s the first hint that things could go south in a hurry because the money you borrow costs you more.
Like a lot of great progressive ideas there are basic flaws that should have been seen BEFORE they were put into place. Look at social security for example. Nobody saw that one day people might live longer & therefore collect for a longer time. Also nobody predicted that one day people could control how many children they would have so in the future there might not be 6 kids paying into social security but instead only one. Basic flaws.
Socialism is based off of everyone wanting to be productive. That’s because the people who came up with it were type A people who did want to produce (probably). There’s the basic flaw in socialism. Some people DON’T want to be productive unless they have to for survival. Heck at 18 year old offer me welfare (a place to live, food & pocket money) for the rest of my life & I would have JUMPED at the chance (I do that now & it’s called retirement). And there’s a lot of people just like I was out there. What was it, the 70’s when the last “fix the WF system” was tried? They found that there were FAMILIES that had 3 generations that had always been on WF. Think about that…grandmother, daughter, & granddaughter all 100% on WF. So there’s the flaw & that’s why socialism can not work. Communism actually comes a little closer to working because most communist countries can just take the dead wood out & shoot them. But it’s drawback is that they seem to need constant purges of people to keep in power. (wink).