Socialist Hero Bernie Sanders Buys $600K Summer Home…


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is the proud new owner of a summer home on the Champlain Islands, Seven Days has confirmed.
The Burlington resident last week plopped down nearly $600,000 on a camp in North Hero.
*Sanders’ new waterfront crib has four bedrooms and 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront on the east side of the island — facing Vermont, not New York. The Bern will keep his home in Burlington and use the new camp seasonally.

*Socialist Hero Bernie Sanders Buys $600K Summer Home… | Weasel Zippers

Remember this is the communist who wants everyone to share the wealth. Just like we see in those countries that follow that philosophy the leaders live a lot better than those they want to live “equally”.


Who said Socialism does not PAY?

wonder how much the Bern got for endorsing Hitlery??? $$$


In a post I made a while back I pointed out how two faced it was that someone preaching about socialism & everyone making equal amounts of money should only give 8% if his income to charity. So I find this interesting.
Something that I would point out to all conservative so that they could maybe learn from. Here we have people like Bernie & Hillary leading the charge against the 1%ers with the “common people” while at the same time they ARE part of the 1%ers. That is salesmanship. Heck if I owned a used car dealership I’d only employ Democrats. We would be able to sell Kia’s as little BMW’s. Of course we would only be able to sell them to democrats but still…


[quote=“17Oaks, post:2, topic:49285”]
Who said Socialism does not PAY?

wonder how much the Bern got for endorsing Hitlery??? $$$


Awww… Give him a break. Just a little house on the beach. He is not rich by any means. His wife still does their taxes. Frankly, I love the guy and respect him because I think he is up front and honest. I would never ever have supported him but I like him and his wife.


[MENTION=41948]Mike[/MENTION] I used to have respect for Bernie until he sold out to Clinton. I am no fan of socialism but Bernie had my respect because he stuck to his guns no matter what. He is nothing more than a political hack now. When opportuniy presented itself he jumped.