Socialist Hillary's Campaign Ad #1


It is my understanding that Hillary and Trump are running their ads mostly or exclusively in the battleground states. With that in mind I thought that some of you might be interested in what we are seeing here in Florida from the Hillary campaign.

The ad is marked with cheap, white colored animated overlays that provide us with Hillary’s vision. The first image is a pyramid with a voiceover that Hillary is going to raise taxes “on the big corporations and wealthy individuals” so that “They will pay their fair share.” Next white outlines of buildings and solar panels crop up on an urban scene as it is explained that the new revenues will be spent on projects that “will create good paying jobs.” There are no promises about who is going rent and occupy these new office buildings. Perhaps they are going to be filled with more government workers writing more regulations, but that is only an assumption on my part.

Next we go to a rural scene where windmills pop up like mushrooms. This is part of Hillary’s “clean energy initiative” which will be explained in her ad #2 that I will cover next. There is no discussion about how these contracts will be awarded, or if there will be an debate or competition concerning the technologies that will be employed for these massive public works inititives. And, of course, there is no mention of the fact that money will be taken from the private sector and that this will make it harder for those “big corporations and rich people” to expand their businesses and create new private sector jobs.

No, it’s all socialism in full bloom, and if that’s what you want, that’s what Hillary will give you. There will be very little regard for opposing points of view or alternative economic models. It will be Hillary’s show whether the economics support it or not.


It’s already cheaper for businesses to go overseas so sure, let’s push more of them out of the country. It’s a tribute to the job that our schools are doing that people can’t see that would happen.


I forgot to mention that she’s going to hit the companies “That ship jobs overseas” with an exit tax. Of course some companies might think that would be better to pay the tax, to move to a more business friendly country, like Ireland, and never come back.

But who needs a job any way? Everyone can be on welfare. Who needs needs people to produce goods and services? In the world of Hillary, no one needs to work.