Socialist Hillary's Campaign Ad #2


For this outing we have Hillary staring at us straight on giving us a call to arms. It seems that there are three countries in the world who are competing to become #1 in clean energy, The United States, Germany and China. Hillary vows that we are going to be #1 in this clean energy race.

She fails to mention that, China, which might become for her what Iran is for Obama - the ideal state - burns lots of nasty coal. No, that’s not even a consideration for this fairytale outing.

She does not mention that winning this race will carry with it a cost in much higher utility bills. She probably has not thought about the fact that energy prices run though every aspect of the economy will raise the cost of living. Hillary was alive during the 1970s when higher petroleum prices produced “stag-flation” but it seems that her faulty memory can’t recall that. No, none of this matters to Hillary. All she tells us is that we have to be #1.

When you think about it, that’s very nationalistic comment coming from a woman who is one of the world’s leading globalists. Aren’t all the nations of the world “in this together?”