Socialists are Nazis are Communists are Democrats

The word NAZI literally in German means = Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
In English that is, “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”


The USSR (Communists) stood for "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics."


Democrats are Socialists.

What more needs to be said?

Socialism limits liberty and religious freedom. Socialism wouldn’t just damage people’s freedoms, it would obliterate them. Socialsm controls your life. It is Evil, one of the most evil concepts ever by man.

Glenn Beck’s POWERFUL SPEECH at The Heartland Institute’s 35th Anniversary Benefit

Hitler and the socialist dream

It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical.

Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism

Democrats are no different from Nazis from their strong arm tactics, to their roving blackshirts in the streets, to their murder of millions of innocent people in Planned Butcherhood death camps, to their embracing of socialism (Hitler always spoke of national socialism), to their willingness to squash free speech and other rights, and to their embracing of junk science on human beings (like transgenderism), the Democrats are EXACTLY like Nazis.

There is no denying the sameness of Democrats and Nazis. We deny it at our own peril, just as the Germans did

If you want to get a far-left Democrat, socialist or communist really angry, tell them that Fascism and National Socialism are offshoots of the socialist movement. When you look at the socialist system, they are.

Back in the 1920s Mussolini can up with the idea that socialism might be a better sell to the people if you linked it was nationalism. In that way Fascism was born. Hitler had a similar idea when he came up with the National Socialist Party or Nazi Party. He pulled people in by praising the virtues of “the father land” and went further when he extolled the idea of the “superior Arian race.”

The political and economic systems were very similar. The state controls the economy and forces everyone into a “beehive” economic system. Decent and discussions about the issues of the day are severely limited or totally suppressed. To the average citizen there no difference between communism, fascism and socialism. The state controls you.

You should have seen the reaction from the main communist who posts on a political site to which I belong. He the Internet equivalent of a “Donald Duck meltdown.” He had charts that showed how the Communists and Fascists were on totally politically opposite sides. Then he went into a long rant about how stupid I am.

You know you have hit the nail on the head when you force a rat into a corner. He screams and bites, but it the end argument is over. From the human rights and economic perspectives, Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same coin. The only reason for any perceived difference is that Stalin can running to us to save his stinking hide after Hitler broke their non-aggression pact in 1941.

From the historical perspective it’s hard to tell which tyrant was worse for mankind, Stalin or Hitler. Stalin actually killed more innocent people than Hitler did, but he had longer to do it, and he didn’t bother with gas chambers and cremation. Stalin preferred firing squads and ditches for the bodies, starvation and death from exposure, and concentration camps where he worked people to death. Even Khrushchev recognized Stalin’s cruelty and owned up to it in 1956.

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^ That, sir, was an excellent post, right on the money. Hitler and Stalin were two sides of the same coin, both murderous thugs. both embarked on wars of conquest, both brutal dictators, both with their own series of concentrations camps (gulags), bother with theor KGB/or/Gestapo, and talin even killed his fair share of Jews.

And they were both socialists just like Uncle Bernie. Communism and Nazi Party Fascism may have been their political tastes, but socialism was their economic model.

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A couple of crooks

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Interesting Fact: Nazis were extremely pro-animal rights too, just like Dems.

Except when Hitler killed his German Shepard, Blondie, by testing a cyanide capsule on her before he used it on himself. He bit down on another capsule while he was pulling the trigger of the pistol he had in his mouth.

If only he ad done that after he failed as artist, he would have saved the world a lot of trouble.


I would love to create a "if Only" list about WWII.

If only the west had attacked Germany right after he invaded Poland Hitler would have been squashed right away.

If only Neville Chamberlain were not a pacifist wussie.

Many more

And today, just like the Nazis burned their Reichstag Leftists burn down cities across America.

Democrats/Nazis both used strong arm tactics. Currently the Democras leftist Antifa and BLM are literally beating the shit out of people in the streets who do not agree with them exactly like Hitler’s brown shirts did

Democrats/Nazis both murdered millions of innocent people in Planned Butcherhood and in death camps

Democrats/Nazis both embrace of socialism

Democrats/Nazis both squashed free speech rights

Democrats/Nazis both confiscated guns

Democrats/Nazis both embrace junk science on human beings, Arian superiority and transgenderism

Democrats/Nazis both got rid of police departments.


In reply to the writer of the June 8 letter “Wouk book on Nazism raises scary parallels,” I must point out that something of much greater significance has happened, something much more important than anything Donald Trump has done or not done.

For the first time in the history of the United States, the FBI and the Justice Department have been used to keep a particular political party in power. That is exactly what the Gestapo did for Germany’s Nazi Party and what the KGB did for the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. If anyone is looking for a comparison to Nazism, there it is.

I find it especially galling that the very crime President Trump is accused of (collusion with Russia) was actually committed by the Democratic Party in paying for Christopher Steele to travel to Russia and collude with Russian operatives to produce a phony dossier. Talk about hypocrisy!

I speak as an ex-Democrat (1956-2009). I left the Democratic Party, as I was disgusted by the antics of the greedy opportunistic Democrats of the Clinton and Obama years. The present Democrats are nothing compared to the good, caring Democrats of previous years, such as Harry Truman, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale.

Myron R. Barr

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Limbaugh and D’Souza on the fascism of the Democratic Party