Sociologists stumbling to protect Frances Fox Piven


“History tells us” something that history doesn’t tell us, say sociologists stumbling to protect Frances Fox Piven.
Ann Althouse

Here’s the expression of “outrage” by the officers of the American Sociological Association:

[quote]Scholars of her caliber, intellectuals of her stature, and especially those who tackle social conflicts and contradictions, mass movements and political action, should stimulate equal levels of serious challenge and creative dialogue. Being called by Glenn Beck one of the “nine most dangerous people in the world,” and an “enemy of the Constitution” is not a credible challenge; it is plain demagoguery.

So vigorous debate about Piven’s ideas is really important, but it better be the right kind of debate by the right kind of people and most certainly not that terrible, terrible man Glenn Beck.

Does lofty, serious, intellectual sociology involve looking at evidence and analyzing it rationally? Linking the Tucson massacre to hot political rhetoric was a rash mistake made by demagogues — you want to talk about demagogues?! — …

Fox News? And do you also call on The Nation, which published “Mobilizing the Jobless,” by Frances Fox Piven, the article Glenn Beck brought to the attention of his large audience? Piven called for riots.[/quote]
Ann Althouse - no doctrinaire right-winger - fisks and shreds the American Sociological Association’s elitist, fact-ignoring “defense” of Frances Fox Piven. Glenn Beck’s real offense? Letting the unwashed see the ravings of a radical academic.


I’m glad her ravings are being shown the light of day. Too long these radicals have had access to our kids minds.